An article by Tessy Staylace (copyright 1997-2017)

In memory of Connie Stevens (never without her crinolines in those glory days!)

Full and bouffant skirts and dresses offer the proper lady opportunities to draw the attention of an admired one in a unique and very charming manner. These actions may be performed in an erotic or "come hither" manner, while retaining options for withdrawal if necessary. Suffice it to say that techniques such as those discussed here fortify the argument that a clothed figure is far more enticing and attention-getting than pure nudity. It is a lesson for the ages.

Since the skirt obviously covers the legs, these are the parts of the body that may be used to best effect, sometimes in conjunction with the hands. Let us take this common scenario for example.

You have walked into an auditorium, fairly late, but not overly so. There is a dearth of seating, but you spy a spot in the center, toward the rear and decide that that is the best you can do. You approach the targeted row and say, in a sweet tone, to the gentleman sitting in the end seat, "Excuse me, I'm so sorry." Entering the row, you gather up your skirts and pettis in front of you, occasionally letting parts of them drop just enough to sweep across the legs of anyone you deem attractive -- just to give a hint. People sitting in the row in front of your row are, of course, in jeopardy, but an intelligent lady can figure on whom to bestow the honors and whom to avoid at all costs. Of course, you have prepared for this entire situation by assuring that your petticoats and skirts have been imbued with your favorite cologne or perfume. The movement of the skirts and underpinnings will push this fragrance in the direction intended, and further enhance the moment (s).

You finally get to your intended seat, leaving behind a trail of devastation in the hearts of men (and, perhaps, some women!) and begin the process of sitting. The man on one side is appealing, so you make sure that, as you sweep your myriad skirts under your derriere, the majority of them "accidentally" end up brushing, and even residing on his legs. Should this not occur on initially sitting down, you may certainly accomplish this end-result later, as you (apparently) accidentally push your skirts and petticoats in his direction whilst "engrossed" in the happenings on stage. It would be a very strange fellow indeed who would object or even draw attention to what happened by asking you to kindly remove your clothing from his person. Chances are, he would be titillated – you would make his day! If you are the adventurous type, and don’t mind a cold feeling on your bottom, you might want to sit down with your skirts billowing around you (and up your back!). A pretty pictures, but not recommended if you are a novice, as handling is a bit more difficult. This technique does, however, offer opportunities for petti-incursions at the face level!

As you sit there, gently fidgeting, you may also arrange to display the hems (and perhaps a bit more) of the petticoats under your skirt by pulling at your skirt (or carefully moving your legs), obvious to the attention this would elicit from that fellow next to you. A little leg, a little frou-frou….wow!

At work, reach up to a high shelf to retrieve an item, while standing on a chair. This can stop any man in his tracks, but ascertain that that special man is passing by. Calling for help as you begin to fall OFF that chair can lead to some interesting situations, especially if the rest of the men in the office see your petticoats a-flyin’ as you fall into his arms!

In a similar technique, drop something on the floor not too far away from your voluminous skirts and strategically timed so that that hunk is standing nearby. Just the sight of all that ruffle can bring any man away from his senses! A well-timed little pat on the skirt will send fragrance his way. As you thank him, you whisk away, your taffeta underskirts rustling in the concocted breeze.

Ah! Yes! The sound.

That is another of the attributes enjoyed by petticoat wearers. Taffeta IS best for those seductive sounds, but enough layers of any material will bring a small sound, one that is exciting. One that entices! "Paper" nylon (not seen often nowadays in petticoats) is another material with its own distinctive sound as it rubs against your stockings.

Imagine yourself sitting in the front row of a church, fully arrayed in your crinoline best. See in your head the discomfort in the eyes of the pastor, as he attempts to take his eyes off your skirts while delivering his sermon on "Temptation and the devil." My, my. Talk about playing with a man’s head! Adjusting, displaying, moving, rustling. Don’t be surprised if you read about his resignation from the clergy the next day! Be less surprised if he approaches you after the service!

One must also consider the difference in applying the above to crinolines (hard pettis) and softer petticoats. Crinolines must be treated with a little more care in terms of abusing other peoples’ personal space. After all, hard-shelled skirts can even hurt if bounced in the wrong direction. Also, they may be harder to handle and not behave quite in the manner intended, since these delightful garments retain their own shape, and not necessarily that of whatever they might be leaning on. Keep in mind that a girl must balance flirtatiousness and common courtesy.

Most women have absolutely NO concept concerning the power of dress. All it takes is a woman who has a clue, and you have one VERY powerful gal. Look at a bride in wide-hooped skirt sometime. Consider her frailty. But also, consider the immense power she possesses. Food for thought.

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