Strange incarnations of our proclivities!

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(above) Enlargeable (far above right) inflatable




Kristi sends this unusual dress
(appears to be a window display)

Can be enlarged





Abby Rhodes:

"A weird one. Bought from a kiosk near the
Eiffel Tower."






Inflatable Fashion - 1955

From Crinolyn




(above) Yohji Yamamoto's 1998 wedding gown



From Alice

"Wouldn't any of us love to be
wrapped up in petticoats?"




In 2009, Micael Z. saw this mural in SoHo, London

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For explanation, see this page




(below) Crinoline Flowers' by Daryl Banks




This beautiful 'statue' resides in Innsbruck, Austria


Courtesy Crinolyn


Mike writes:

"The picture of the statue is a real girl.  Actors who play living statues are now pretty common in Europe – the best are totally convincing – you put a coin in and they bow as thanks."


Larry is a wonderful model railroad layout designer;
his 'cities' are quite realistic.

 Here is his latest creation!

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Video: The 22 stone dress (a stone is 14 lbs)

An unusual gown, from the Czech Republic

...sent by Steve B.





(above) Enlargeable

Public restroom sign - just in case hoopskirts ever returned to daily fashion...

From Martin






"This is not a hoop skirt, but a lighted hula-hoop with a time exposure.  I thought it looked neat!"






Kristi sends this image
 with a file name of 'wedding_gown_parker_kardashian.jpg'

Not sure how to translate that (one of the Kardashian sisters wearing, what, a gown made by a Parker?)..but it certainly is a curiosity!







"Unusual photo from the NSW State library collection:"

Australia's March to Nationhood, 26 Jan 38, Walkabout
(More information on the
Flickr page source.)





(right) "It's amazing the great lengths people will go to get their picture in PettiPond..."  <g>

Not to be outdone,. the Chinese have offered another umbrella dress (below)

Both enlargeable



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