Strange incarnations of our proclivities!

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This design appears to be
an upside down petti!

From Bonnie



We will put this over-the-top hoop into our curiosities section, rather than where it would normally go

From Crinolyn



Russian gal who dresses to look like a
Barbie Doll




Neil M.:

This looks purile,
but there IS an
innocent explanation






Air-expanded skirt






Petticoat-inspired lampshade

Sent by Abby Rhodes





Ed N.:

     "A license is needed???  
Gee - all these years we've been operating unlicensed!" :-)

  EBay offering    



Unusual item from The Era,
sent by
BB Bloomer:


'Bubble' dress by Traina-Norell, 1957
Photo by Richard Avedon

"I guess no one could find more bouffant!
('More bouffant, you die.': French expression...)"




These prom dresses are
made entirely of duct tape!

From Jack



Inflated curiosity



Placed in the fetish category as well


Camera angle can make things surprisingly deceptive

From Kristi


Ed N.:

"An interesting ice novelty - this is a life-size likeness of Elsa (from Frozen) and she's pretty much 'frozen' here. Seen at an ice festival in southern Colorado, recently carved into a solid block of ice using power assisted tools, saws, knives, etc. There were several such full-size ice sculptures all on the 'Frozen' theme.

(I believe the hint of 'hoops' seen in the skirt are actually where the ice layers join. It wasn't one completely solid chunk of ice; it was layers stacked up which then re-froze themselves back together.}

   A pretty cold result, but the artist had the right idea about fashion."




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