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(above) Purportedly candid (and very old) images



In France, the gingham style was made famous in the sixties by Ms. Bardot, and her name is forever linked to this lovely fashion.








(L) Brigitte being helped in her Dior gown which she will wear
to the Munich Mardi Gras Bal, photo by François Pages, February 1957

(R) Miss Bardot and her doggie in dressing room of the theatre where
she was making her debut in the play 'L'Invitation Au Chateau' by Jean Anouilh, photo by Jack Garofalo, November 1953




(above left) 1955

...with Picasso
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Neil M. has sent this interesting dressing scene.

Does anyone know from which film it is?


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Beach nostalgia

Sent by Jean L.

Brigitte Bardot running barefoot in a Fifties frock, Cannes, 1956
(Photo: George W Hales/Getty Images)

More near-the-water fun




 Brigitte Bardot with her son

From BB Bloomer



...with child star Brigitte Fossey, sharing as they get ready to face the cameras at Cannes back in 1955

From John N.

Other celebrities


...a little bit older, but just as endearing





Here she poses in evening dress called 'Nuit de Venise' by Yves Saint Laurent
 for Dior from his Spring-Summer collection of 1960, photo by Nicolas Tikhomiroff
Crinolyn    Designer area





This lovely image APPEARS to be from a Brigitte Bardot film, but using a couple
of reverse image programs, we were unable to identify it.  Can anyone help?

From Abby Rhodes     


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