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Frou-frou at the hip--very charming! (Contributed by Stephanie)
We all know the man, but what is the picture, and who is that lady in the pretty silver dress? (Contributed by Stephanie)
Technicolor at its best! (Contributed by Stephanie)
White is always so flirtatious (Contributed by Stephanie)
This is such "flippy" picture (Contributed by Stephanie)
Bubble dress (Contributed by Thomas) dddddddddddddddddddddddbbbd[[[[[Posted 10/14/97]
The picture was published in a U.K. edition of 'Harpers Queen' magazine in November, 1987 as part of an article entitled 'Second Empire Line' - largely about the painter Winterhalter and his pictures of the great ladies of Napoleon III's court in their crinolines. The dress was by Gina Fratini and cost $ 4259 then! She's a lucky girl to be able to take a walk in the forest dressed so magnificently. (Picture and commentary from Natasha) (Picture and commentary ccccccccccccccccrom --dddddddddddddddd[Posted 3/12/98]
 We do not normally feature wedding gowns--but this one is so petti-oriented, we felt we had to. From Max Phaoul's Fall/Winter 1997 collection ("Magnolia") (Contributed by Priscilla)(Pictand commentary ccccccccccccccccrom --dddddddddddddddgfd[Posted 5/18/98]





Steve B.:

 "I found this by this by going to Google Argentina, translating a key word into Spanish, ('gown,' 'petticoat,' etc.) and seeing what came up.  I don't know much Spanish, but it still works.  I also found some really fabulous Quinceanera video fashion shows - try Quinceanera ('Quincenaera,' 'XV,''fiesta,' etc.) on Youtube.  If it doesn't work, try a Spanish version of Youtube - I don't really know how I ended up on Youtube."





(above right) From this site

(above right) quinceañera gown

Sugarbarre provides this luscious 1950 gown - too bad wePoufies cannot also see the front!








The original file name was "Jose Ferrer," who we presume is either the photographer or designer."

Either way, this detached-pannier gown is exquisite!


From Crinolyn










Kristi sends this rather interesting prom gown - note the turned-in hem, reminiscent of the sack (or bubble) skirt

The gloves are delicious, but the shoes...someone is not 'ensemble-savvy!'









"I'll think about that tomorrow" - Scarlett O'Hara's picnic gown







Steve B. sends these debutants, taken






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