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Dan from Denmark:

"I know that you have had a lot of Gardetanz pictures on your site, but this one is really good, don't you think so? It is from a group called Krunekroane Grosse Garde. I think you
will enjoy their beautiful costumes just a much as I do!!"


Prinzengarde, a group that seems to appreciate
LOTS of layers under their uniforms (Garde)

Courtesy Ian

(below) Crinolyn points to a link with Gardetanz gals, as well as other kinky items


(below) Jörg, sent this 2.4 MByte vidclip, stills from which are below - VERY nice crowded crinies!
"German Karneval is petticoat time. During these days you can see a lot of girls wearing uniforms with short and bouncy petticoats beneath on the street parades"

[Jörg] 'The pretty girl below is the 'Tanzkathrinchen' of Mainz.  In the video (9 seconds, silent, 1.5 Mbyte) you can watch the movements of her exciting bouncy petticoat
and skirt. The walking and dancing girls in fancy uniforms and short full petticoats are the best and only interesting ones of German Karneval.'


Jody points to this petti-encrusted site--
(What else, but German!)


Nancy N.:
YouTube screen grab from Tanzgarde Halle 2019


Jörg sent this "Carnival" Vidclip -- about 5 MByte (excerpt left)
He writes: "Karneval is a petticoat event. The girls wear fancy uniforms with short and sexy petticoats
 beneath. The uniforms have a long tradition and history, being allusions to the armies of Napoleon Bonaparte, which occupied Germany in 1812/13." [ED: The French army never looked so good!]



Crinolyn has sent a really nice "Carnival" Vidclip -- about 1.5 MByte

Guess we can't all be beautiful, but we can all admire petticoats!
Are some of these boys?


Belinda comments on above:

  "My friend Annette is from Germany and had been a member of a Gardetanz group for a couple years when she was younger...  I asked her about that (She knows of my "hobby" and is a supportive friend!)...Anyway, she said that on occasion a boy would perform with those troupes, kind of as comical relief, or for fun...  Much like we have boys in this country who sometimes perform as girl cheerleaders for powder puff football games and homecoming hijinks...  She said she is unaware of any boys being permanent full time members of these Gardetanz groups, but like I mentioned, she knows some boys HAVE performed with them once in a while...perhaps a brother or friend of one of the girls.  Anyway, those few lucky boys who have experienced wearing a lovely Gardetanz costume must have some amazing tales to tell!" 

In response to the above 'discussion', a visitor provides this fine example of a male dressed in Gardetanz gear.




"I'd like to share this Gardetanz photo, along with one question that has been troubling me... Does a dancer on the far right in the front row appear to be a boy
in a full Gardetanz uniform with appropriate makeup?

 He certainly looks a bit taller than the rest of the ensemble. And not a bit less
proud to be a part of the team than any of them!  I'm sure that the only apparent
flaw in his appearance - the lack of nylons - would be taken care of in his next on-stage performance." 





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