Petticoats in The Comics & Cartoons
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A delightful French children's storybook character named Martine

Disney's Once Upon a Wintertime

Katy Keene Comics

 Katy Keene first appeared in Wilbur - an Archie Comics publication, in 1946.
 She got her own comic in 1949 and ran until 1960. There was a revival of the series
 in 1983, but is no longer published.



Captions readers sent in response to this cartoon from Myscha back in 2002:

"Why You Should Only Trust a Guy Who Drives an Automatic" - Paige

"Aw, come on Sis, Mom said I could wear that outfit tonight" - Page

"No Steven, you can't wear these petticoats until after we take our ride. You are a closet prissy." - Kent

"Nope… I just don't think you would look as good in my petticoat as I would in your car." - Davita

" No, I don't want to swap. Last we swapped, you wouldn't give them back!" - Nicole

Both of the below comics are courtesy Iris --

"Jane", by Mike Hubbard


Romeo Brown, with some of the best petticoats in comics



Scott has provided some stillclips from the anime film Porco Rosso ('The Red Pig').
This scene is a flashback to 1910 when the two characters are flying in an early aircraft.
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Sissy Dahli writes:

"This is from an old 1942 wartime cartoon titled 'Blitz Wolf.'
  It may be the only tank I've ever seen with a petticoat."


(below) In 2003, on one of the groups, there was some discussion of the  British banning of petticoats in the classroom during 1961-62.  Below, a cartoon, from Bee, that speaks to this. 


"Adorable EGL"
by Codax

A cute illustration from Crinolyn



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