CosPlay Display #9

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Sugarbarre points out this Flickr page,
with more pictures of this Cos


Marginal 'CosPlay', but certainly worth the viewing

Axis Powers Hetalia (Nyotalia) 

From Nancy N.   Source



Jessie Belle:

"One of the most creative CosPlay ideas in the last couple years has been 'Artoo Tutu'.  If you do an image search of this name then you'll see some great photos, including the girl who may have originated it, a girl named Leeloo."  More here


"Pure Melody and Rhythm"
by Mijik

From Chris


CosPlay of Amy Adams in

Enchanted (2007)

From Alice


Funko Pop (?) dress at
San Diego Comic-Con 

 From Alice


Just a glimpse is always satisfying!
Leaves something to the imagination, right? is this lady's CosPlay site - 
We find it a bit confusing and difficult to read 
and navigate, though.


From Julia B.:

"The image you see here isn’t Alice.
It’s from an anime called ‘Di Gi Charat’."


This CDer does a credible job CosPlaying, no? 
Anyone know who she is?

Courtesy Ian



This appears to be a sort of Nissan- Gothic-CosPlay wedding or some-such. Interesting, nevertheless

Compliments 'Ichigo'


A little bit goth, a little bit Lolita, a little
bit ante-Bellum,  a little bit Moulin Rouge

This attractive person is actually a young man with a very healthy appetite
for femininity. His name is Mana and he used to be the leader of a Japanese Rock Band called Malice Mizer. A web search will reveal many fascinating images of him,
including this (see bottom of page).

(below) Occidental CosPlay from Kristi - Princess Peach



Misha has found a wealth of CosPlay Lolita pictures here, on this Flickr Page.




From an anonymous contributor:

"For Halloween 2010, I attended a Japanese costume party dressed as a character from a Japanese cartoon called Kuroshitsuji, which has an episode in which a boy must disguise himself as a girl. The outfit included corset, hoopskirt,
and in this picture you can see a peek of petticoats too.

"That particular episode of the cartoon should also be of interest to your readers, and can be seen here (Fun starts at
 11 mins and 30 sec)"


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