"Good Housekeeping's 'Fashions'"

November 1954




Petticoat pointers

Top: "Prelude Once-over" by Maidenform

LEFT: Lovely, look-alike petticoats. They're of nylon taffeta with flounces of sheer embroidered nylon bolstered by tinted ruffles of ribbon-bound nylon net. Both in white. Mother's sizes small, medium, or large; about $11. Daughter's sizes 3 to 14; about $6. Slumbertogs.

RIGHT: Fashionable petticoat to delight a young lady. It has a tricot torso, a full, circular skirt of taffeta edged with net ruching. All nylon. White. Sizes 4 to 14; about $3. Her Majesty.

CENTER: Enchanting little petticoat of nylon taffeta with a gay scalloped-and-embroidered nylon ruffle. White with red. Sizes 4 to 14, about $4; subteen sizes 8 to 14, about $5. Dennisons.

FAR RIGHT: Billowing nylon petticoat has a tricot torso, flower-trimmed net ruffles. White. Sizes 2 to 6, about $4; girl's sizes 8 to 14, about $5; subteen sizes 8 to 14, about $7. Styles Undies.


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