Art Gallery - Elvgren


Works by Gil Elvgren (1940-1980)

The Bunny Burrow Bookstore features a great coffee table book filled with Elvgren's art!

Most enlargeable


(above left) 1966

"The Eyeds of March" (1962)

...from a 1960 salesman calendar



A nice Gil Elvgren Pinup

Sent by Pond Girl Allison -  her favorite Elvgren!


We wonders what she was looking at?  We all
 know what we are looking at!


We have a nice Elvgren collection in our Bunny
Burrow Book Store
(first entry).  GREAT coffee table book!







Two nice Elvgren pinups

One could easily reside in our Nautical area

From Crinolyn




An Elvgren drawing
from Crinolyn

 There is a beautiful coffee-table book available of his works in the Bunny Burrow Book Store (50% off)



An Elvgren model, and a rare picture of the artist at work.



Elvgren template photo (mockup)

 Offered by Crinolyn.







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