The Medical

I was in my 3rd year at senior school. I had for sometime been wearing my mother's petticoats under my school uniform. This day I decided to go for it and not only put on a full white petticoat but also one of my mother's bras, knickers and tights.

The thrill of walking from class to class with the silkiness of my petticoat caressing my legs was incredible. I could feel the bra straps across my back and shoulders all day. I kept my blazer on so that my bra would not be evident.

I would go to the toilet so I could stand there in the cubicle in just my girlish under clothes. I would pretend I had a regulation navy pleated skirt and silky white blouse on as well.

One thing I had forgotten - today was our annual school medical. I was called to the sister, still unaware of why I had been summoned. When I entered the nurse told me I was due my yearly medical and I would need to strip to my underpants. My heart leapt and panic on my face must of been noticed because she told me not to worry it would only take 15 minutes.

I explained that I really could not today and thought up some lame excuse only to be called a silly child and told in no uncertain terms that of course I must and to be quick about it.

She then began to remove my blazer, my protests fell on deaf ears. I now felt severe panic, sweat pouring from me. The sister noticed and tried to reassure me all the time urging me to remove my trousers, jumper and shirt.

I knew I was caught and would be found out so I gave in and removed my jumper whereupon the outline of my bra could be plainly seen. The nurse seemed perplexed and told me to remove my trousers and shirt.
I pulled down my trousers to reveal my silky full slip. I remember trying to explain and started to cry. The nurse to my surprise was very kind ( she had a reputation for being tough).

She spoke to me about my underwear and explained that she would need to come with me to my home and talk to my mother and father. She performed the medical but said I need not remove my petticoat or bra.

Later that day it all came out, I was taken to my GP who was a woman and suggested I be referred to another doctor which is another story. From time to time I still continued to wear girlie things at school but made sure there were no medicals due.

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