A story of Petticoat Love by Denise!


Indeed some Poufbunnies have had embarrassing moments that most of us only fantasize about. (Most often it's best that they are just fantasies.) Although I've not experienced any truly horrifying moments, I have a few embarrasing ones to share with you gals.

You may have read my "first encounter" of earlier days when I used to try on my sister's crinolines late at night while she was sleeping the same room. Daring, for sure, but never caught. One time during daylight hours, however, I was playing "lingerie inspector", going thru the "dirty clothes hamper" and happened upon a lacy bra. (I just love the way our bras give us a special little hug!) I was inspecting such a "no no" item when my sister walked in and caught me "lacy handed." Nothing was said, not then.... nor ever. Of course, I died right there!

One day in the 1950s when I got home from school, I took a short-cut thru my father's store, which sold clothing for the whole family and more, I was headed to our attached apartment. Perhaps you can imagine my embarrassment when one of the clerks asked if I would try on a petticoat! It seems a classmate's grandmother was doing some shopping and wasn't sure of her size. I had walked in at just the right time and she felt I was close to Donna's size. Being so secretive about my desire to do just that, wear petticoats, I declined the offer. No doubt I was very red-faced. Darn it, sure blew a great petticoat opportunity!

Time marches on and, yikes, some 20 years later I have my own petticoats and usually enjoy shopping for them. Back then, often using the flimsy excuse of going to a costume party or for Halloween, I'd bought many a petticoat. One such time I was quite startled when a clerk in a combination Thrift Shop-Square Dance shop asked with much sacrasm, "Would you like to try it on?" I pretty much died that day and mumbled something about it wasn't for me. (Sure, right!)

My, we sure do get more brave over time! It's just a few years later and still in the 1970s. Now we're at another square dance shop, and using another "costume party" excuse for buying a petticoat (A long pink net petticoat this time that I am proudly wearing as I write this). The lovely lady asked in a very sincere way if I'd like to try it on. Hey, why not?! Even though likely "red-faced" again, I stepped into the dressing room, took off my "male" clothes, and tried on my very first petticoat in front of someone else. Well, not exactly, but you know what I mean.

And here we are in the 90s. Not so long ago I went into a local vintage clothing shop that sometimes has our "slips of prey" and found a powder blue petti that I desired to add to the collection. Having just "confessed" to the sweet gal behind the counter that I collect these things, and after her further inquiry, I admitted to also wearing them. This seemed "cool" to her, but it was really embarrasing when about a half dozen women walked in together to find the only "guy" in the shop standing there paying for a nylon net petticoat. What's that saying about "the more things change, the more they stay the same?"

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