Funny Face
starring Audrey Hepburn

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Tessy thinks that her most charming look is in a bouffant skirt with a dropped waist, as in the wedding gown above.  (Both enlrageable)

Celia has provided a nice 20 MByte vidclip montage from this delightful film.

Miss Hepburn is one of the classiest actresses ever to live.  Lately, Angelina Jolie has shown herself to be in the same category - besides being beautiful
and excellent actresses, they have hearts so caring as to put them above most people, but there will never be another Audrey!

BB Bloomer has sent this link, a special critique of one of the dresses Audrey wore in the 1956 film

Funny Face

Ed: The amazing Miss Hepburn, in a wonderful display of many bouffant gowns, which she wore so well!  And oh! That bridal gown scene!  Her most charming look is in a bouffant skirt with a dropped waist, as in this wedding gown.  This very special film should reside in everyone's collection!     






Dance-rehearsal picture, with Fred Astaire

1957, Paris
Need we say more, about feminine persona? She defined it!







Audrey Hepburn with designer Hubert de Givenchy, trying on
the wedding dress she wore in
Funny Face, Paris, 1956



These appear to be either out-takes or on-off-set images of Audrey taken during the filming

From Rhino

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