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I had starved all year, practiced walking, bought an expensive wig, the poodle skirt, the saddle shoes, and the truly awesome and delightfully cliche' petticoat and all the 50's Rock and Roll girl gear I could get! I even had cat's eye glasses with prescription lenses! Halloween was coming! The big Drag Ball! Of course, I wasn't going to wait until the actual day to try this all on. And so, the morning after the last item was delivered (the wig), I got up early - I couldn't sleep all night that night . . . I'd been counting gorgeous Poufbunnies instead of sheep and my heart rate was too high!

Everything was unwrapped and carefully inspected, shaken out and a few errant creases ironed out of the skirt (black with a white poodle and gold leash) and the blouse. I showered and generally spent three times the time I usually spend in front of the make-up mirror . . . I then crowned myself with the shoulder length auburn wig and sat there stunned. I was beautiful! Not wishful thinking . . I really was! The last time I had seen myself as a girl was when I was 13 (have pic). In a hurry I dressed, sweet-teen padded bra (not too big *grin*), plain white cotton short sleeve shirt/blouse (open collar with a pink chiffon scarf), 5 tier, baby-pink petticoat and the matching panties (rows of ruffles) . . . I was in a trance by then, the seductive feeling of the material! As I stepped into it my heart was pounding, but as I reached for the skirt . . . BARKING from the hallway! Jenny, my very-much beloved, fat, over-fed and totally manipulative doggy wanted out! NOW!!!! I knew from bitter experience that I had better let her out right away! Doogy-doo isn't fun! So I ran down the stairs, wig, blouse, frothy baby-pink petti floating up - as I ran down, bare feet . . and let her out. It was about 6 in the morning, twilight. The newspaper was at the end of the pathway and while my little furry girl 'went', I peeked up and down the road to see if the coast was clear - it was - and then darted out to get it. It felt so good to be outside like this! I MUST be an exhibitionist!

*long-suffering sigh*

No, the door didn't slam shut behind me . . . Instead, J., a good friend and co-worker turned the corner in his far-too-bloody-silent Mercedez . . . just as I reached the end of the path!! I froze, rooted to the spot. He slowed, his eyes like ping-pong balls as they scanned me up and down. Then he grinned evily as he opened the window . . I was dying! He winked - and said, "Good morning Aaron!" and then drove on.

I crawled into work,dreading seeing him . . Had he said anything? Everyone seemed OK . . . I was truly scared. But, to cut a long story short, we talked . . and we talked . . and talked some more. Instead of the scorn and teasing I was dreading, I found that my friend - a true friend. Guess what? *blush* He was my escort to the Ball and I won third prize. Dangerous things these Petticoats! Tessy! Should these be licensed?

Editor: YOU belong at Camp in the Poconos!



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