I was 10 years old & somewhat frail, but not effeminate. My older brothers were grown & father moved to Florida.

Mother had gotten an invitation to a mother/daughter fine tea party, from her good friend Mrs. Taylor. She lived in a town 50 miles away & I didn't know her at all. I think Mrs. Taylor & my mom hoped that I could be convinced to attend the tea as a girl. Mother finally popped the question one evening. 

"Bryan, I have a big favor to ask." She was very nervous. "Could you dress up as a girl & go to a fine tea party with me? None of your friends will ever know, it's far away. Just think about it & let me know. It would mean so much to me just once to have a sweet daughter to attend a party with."

I was stunned. I admitted to myself that dressing up in fine sissy clothes had crossed my mind once or twice. Next day I said to Mom, "How would we get the girl's clothes?"  She squealed with delight. 

"Oh Bryan, I know where to get a lovely outfit just right for you.  I can go and get everything. OK??"

Well, the morning of the party came. I really mostly remember the sound of the rustling petticoats, the pin curl wig & the feel of the lacy satin panties underneath it all.

I behaved like a perfect little lady. Only Mrs. Taylor & Mom knew it was a boy named Patricia that attended the party that afternoon.

Mother never asked to dress me again. I think she was very worried I'd become a real sissyboy. I still dream of that day every now & then.

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