In the fall of 1964, Ii went to spend a month in Georgia with my aunt Kathi. She was older and her 3 daughters were grown. I had always harbored a secret desire to be dressed as a girl one time. My family wouldn't have approved. Halloween was just ahead, and Auntie asked what I'd like to be. I took my chance and said, "A girl." 

She smiled so sweetly and said, "That would be precious."  She asked if I was a sissyboy.

"No," I said, "Ii just want to know what it feels like. 

"I'll pick out a sweet outfit for you. No one knows you here. You don't have to be afraid of being discovered." 

Halloween afternoon came and my heart was racing. "It's time to get dressed now."

Well, the pink ensemble of lace, chiffon, ribbons and frills was more than I could stand. Blond pin curl wig, lace gloves and anklets, white shoes. I looked just like a fragile prissy girl. The petticoats tickled my legs and rustled whenever I moved. The skirt was quite short. The bodice was very sheer and my lacy slip showed through easily. The panties were satin with a chiffon overlay. Rhumba lace: My dream panties. 

"Now, do you feel like a sissy or a pretty girl?" I had to think. 

"Like a girl."

Needless to say. I got lots of candy and only a few of the moms knew I was a boy. Auntie let me sleep in my panties that night but I went home two days later and never saw her again. Aunt Kathi knew that a boy could love a pink lace outfit just as much as a little girl.

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