Warning! Sexually explicit material follows.

At the ripe old age of six, I discovered my sister's underwear was different from mine. One night, I snuck a pair to bed and, after examining them, I put them on. I got sort of childishly giddy with the idea of what I was doing and started bouncing around in the bed (face down). After a few minutes of this, a really wonderful feeling came over me "down there". In my kid's mind,. I assumed the panties caused it and I wanted to do it some more! Naturally, I became a panty fetishist, and became fixated on my sister's panties! Whenever no one was around, I would wear her clothes and do my bed-bouncing routine!

One day, everyone had gone to town and I was left by myself. Quickly donning a pair of my sister's nylon rumba panties, her pretty pink petti, and one of her dresses, I lay on her bed and was so lost in my world I didn't hear my mom come back. As luck would have it, she forgot her purse. I guess she heard a noise and came to investigate, 'cause she caught me! Giving me a few swats on the butt only heightened my preadolescent orgasm, though! She told me to come outside with her and, naturally, my sister was there along with her friend, Connie! Mom proceeded to tell everyone what I was doing! I was as red as a beet by this time 'cause sis and her friend were trying to lift up my skirt to see what was underneath! To make a long story shorter, I got the spanking of my life (wearing just the panties) on the front porch where everyone could see!!! It made a believer out of me. After that, I didn't get caught!

My sister and I did play dress up a few times, but that's another story!

PS I am to this day an LGCD and will remain one 'til I die, but I'm still fixated on little girls' panties and own quite a collection, even though I'm too big to wear them!

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