I grew up in the 1950s era as a school lad when those wonderful petticoat creations were around. My favourites are those that rustle and swish in  paper nylon or paper taffeta. Why I took to wearing them and  touching them is that very reason the feel and, particularly, the rustle of paper nylon really arouses me still today as well.  I can recall an incident: I was only 12 at the time and had to go and do an errand for one of my late sister's lady friends. On my arrival at her flat, she asked me in for coffee and doughnuts, which I accepted most gleefully. Whilst she was in the kitchen getting the coffee ready, I spied her lovely can-can petticoat lying on the sofa. It was in 4-tiered pale blue paper nylon. I went over to it, and touched it. The cool smooth paper nylon rustled and crackled, giving me a tremendous thrill. I longed to try it on or rustle it in my hands. 

Just then, she re-appeared with the coffee and cakes and I got caught red-handed.  I thought she would have gotten very angry with me, but she just smiled and replied that, as I seemed to like her petticoat she would put it on  for me after we had our coffees. When we finished, she took the petticoat and changed in her bedroom. A few minutes later, she came out wearing a full black moiré taffeta calf-length skirt with big moiré mark patterns and with her pale blue paper nylon petticoat peeking out underneath. Oh! THE RUSTLE SOUND WAS HEAVEN!  Paper nylon against taffeta sounds gorgeous. This got me very aroused. I said she looked stunning and she was very flattered. With a gorgeous rustle, she drew back her skirts to reveal yards of crisp paper nylon in pale blue. I asked her to rustle the petticoat. Smiling, she grabbed several folds and rubbed them hard together so the paper nylon really screamed. I could not stand it any longer, so I asked her if I could try her petticoat on or have a rustle with it in her flat. She agreed right away, and I had to swear to secrecy about this, because if my sister found out or my mum,  there would be trouble!

I did, drawing the curtains in the bedroom.  She made me take off my clothes to just my underpants and then. she slipped off her petticoat, holding it out for me to step into. I got the greatest arousal of my life as I felt the yards of cool smooth paper nylon around my legs and heard the rustle it made. She smiled at me and then went to her wardrobe, where she brought out another petticoat, this time in white paper taffeta, with lemon lace; this one had 3 big tiers. She proceeded to make this one rustle for me by again rubbing the folds hard together so they really scream-rustled. It was no good I wanted to relieve my arousal, so i asked if I could do so by her and I rustling the petticoat and taffeta skirt. She could see I was very aroused by these wonderful petticoats and she smiled and agreed, so we had a wonderful time. She occasionally showed me her stocking tops and her blue briefs, which aroused me even more. Finally, Ii had to leave, but quite often when I had to go and visit her for my sister, we would have lovely rustle and wearing sessions. I asked if I could have her pale blue paper nylon petticoat when she had finished with it. She agreed, but sadly, to this day, Ii did not get i.  But I shall always recall that wonderful era of the 1950s.


In 1957, in our house, we got a TV set, of course, only black and white then. One of the programs I watched was some dancing, weekly ballroom competitions. My favorite was the Latin section; the dresses the women wore then were far more sexy than now - strapless bodice (or not) with a full, knee-length skirt, the dress usually in taffeta or satin over paper nylon and tulle petticoats sewn to the skirt. As the woman danced the jive or cha-cha, her skirt would rustle and flair out, revealing her tight
knickers, usually briefs. This was most erotic to me - I only wish VCRs has been invented then.
After the show ended, I went off to bed. 

I was now 13 years old; as I lay in bed, I began to rustle the paper nylon petti my sister had
given me, as she had gotten a new one. There, I recalled what I had seen on TV earlier. Trouble 
was, my mom had very acute hearing, and on her way to bed, she heard the rustling sounds through
my bedroom door. She stormed into my bedroom, tore back the bedclothes, and snatched the petticoat 
wrapped around my aroused member. Giving me a hefty clout, and calling me a filthy pervert,
she threatened that if I ever got caught again with women's things, she would take me to the doctor
to give me a cure for my urges. She told my dad, and the next morning I had another lecture, from
him this time. But this only made me more determined. My mum had thrown the petticoat away in the 
dustbin, but I did manage to get another paper nylon one from the second-hand shop. I hid this one
well away, and she never did find it. My sister married by now, had a lovely baby boy, and her 
neighbor's daughter, on Sundays, if the weather was fine, would take him out in his buggy. This 
daughter, whose name M****, was a very attractive girl, aged about 12 to 14. 

Well, on one Sunday, she popped around to take my sister's boy out. I was there also on a visit. The outfit she had on
made her look stunning - she wore a white pique revere collar blouse, black belt at the waist,
with a full knee-length skirt of candy striped blue and white poplin and nylons and white court 
shoes. It was her skirt that was arousing - as she moved, it swung gently, and lovely rustles 
came from underneath. There was a quick glimpse of lace and paper taffeta - she was wearing a
hooped version. Now she had really aroused me. She was dynamite, and she had lit my fuse. I could
do nothing - I jut exploded in my underwear, before it shrank like a popped balloon. 

Well, off we went, out to the local park with my sister's child. At the top of the street, she 
stopped for a moment, and bent over to adjust the pushchair straps. As she did so, her skirt
swung up I got a lovely view up her skirt - folds of paper nylon, stocking tops, and the crotch of her 
lemon briefs. Its funny, I don't know how she knew, for the following Sunday, she confronted me 
about it, and threatened to inform everyone. But in the end, she forgave me, and when she was 
on her own indoors, she and I had lovely rustle sessions with her hooped paper taffeta petti.

1962, I was now working. Our old bathroom geyser had finally broken down, so, til we got a new
one, my dear pal invited me to his house to take a bath. His mum and dad also said yes. Well, 
he had a lovely sister, and on evening as I was taking a bath, the door was knocked. It was 
my pal's sister, asking if it was okay to wash my back. I said yes, and in she came, closing 
the door. She looked wonderful, dressed up in a voile blouse, full black taffeta skirt with 
red roses on it, over paper nylon with lemon lace, and dark sheer nylons. She was going out.
The rustle of her skirts really aroused me! After she had washed me, I asked if I could look 
at her pettis, etc. 

Smiling, she drew back her skirts with a lovely rustle, revealing her stocking tops and her
lavender briefs. I began to rub and rustle folds of taffeta and paper nylon. I only did it 
for a minute, and then asked her what it felt like. She loved it. After that, when we were 
along in her house, after I had my bath, we would have lovely rustle sessions in her bedroom 
with the paper nylon petticoat and taffeta skirt. Sometimes, she'd wear them and can-can 
them about. Ah! Wonderful days of my youth, all those years ago.

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