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My friend Walter and I would sneak into my sisters room and try on her clothes. We were around eight or nine, she was about seventeen. This was in the mid sixties, so she had poufy party dresses, poodle skirts and the like. Those were the ones I gravitated to. We would prance around her room, behaving as two little girls.

One time, when my sister was home, we actually went into her room and asked if we could wear her
dresses. She said "yes" and showed us how to behave like little ladies. My fondest day was when I put on what might have been her prom dress, and for the first time tried some makeup .Walter didn't want to dress that day - ,instead, he just watched me and said I was cute. We ended up walking down the hall, my arm in his, to my mother, to whom we asked if she could marry us. She said  "Two little boys can't get married,"  but was not angry. How I enjoyed being a little bride.

Now as I contemplate transitioning to be the woman I always was, maybe someday I really can be a bride.   

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