I don't Xdress, but I do have memories of petticoats...after the fact. My mother wore them when she was in middle school, and I've seen pictures taken of her going off to parties, school and other events important to a little girl's life. She was the world's champion petticoat wearer...she wore so many, her dresses would stand out at a 45 degree angle in some of the photos. She told me about a contest she once had with a girlfriend to see who could wear the most petticoats for a week...which extended till the end of the school year. Mom won by wearing evey one she had with a skirt over a regular slip between each one. Pictures taken during that time (she showed me some) had he wearing the secret of her winning: I think she said she wore a dozen petticoats and as many as 8 or 9 skirts with an
equal number of regular slips under her dress...and still managed to have a slim looking waist.

Another "fad" her class had was wearing more than one pair of stockings with the seams crossed to make an X up the back of their legs. Mom wore 3 pair...one with straight seams, and then 2 to make an "X." She loved layering. When it was colder, she also wore cuffed bobbysocks over her stockings in colors to match her outfit. She cuffed them as if they were one sock to give the illusion of a cuff of one color on a sock of a different (or white) color. She liked layering so much, when I was a little kid up through middle school, she also put me in muti-layers almost all the time...layered shirts. underwear and socks, mostly...a habit I continue to this day. When cold, she'd put me in layers of long underwear tops and bottoms and even two pair of pants (she showed me how to put one pair inside
another first and then put them on together). In southern California. there isn't much of a need for thermals or 2 pair of pants except when going up to spend the day in the mountains, but I still wear more than one shirt, t-shirts and socks all the time...and I still wear several briefs most of the time. See, I also have a clothing fetish, which is why I don't find it unusual for you to have one.

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