It was the late 1950s, and the girls didn't have masses of different outfits as is common today. Most of the  8-10 year old girls would wear a dress to school, but there were two or three girls who would wear dresses with full skirts which had a petticoat beneath. There was one girl, I think her name was Pamela, who would always wear satin "party" dresses to school. The dresses were very "bouffant" and she wore full petticoats beneath. I was not the only boy in the class who enjoyed watching her running around and "skipping", fascinated by the frills under dress. I really don't know if a ten  year old girl n those days was aware of the effect she had on us.


One day we watched as several of the girls were doing the popular "trick" of laying  over a bar in the fence, and  "Somersaulting"  over.  As the girls got to the upside down position, gravity would do its job causing their skirts to fall about their faces. Then Pamela decided to join in. She was wearing a shiny satin blue party dress,  and as she got to the vertical position, we got to see the most beautiful petticoat she was wearing. There was an inner layer of white (Paper nylon?) with a frilly hem, then two or layers of pink net, with frilly hems, and the outer layer which was almost identical to the one in the picture below, with rows of lace and ribbon and a wide lacey hem. Pamela did the turn three or four times, completely unaware of the effect her game display was having on us!



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