We were both age 10 at the time, and my sister had agreed to be a bridesmaid at my aunty's wedding.  Mom was about to take her to get her outfit when, while playing outside in the street, she was knocked down by a car.  She was not seriously hurt but did break her leg and, with the wedding only two days away it was obvious she could not go. With no other girl to take her place, Mom said to me that I would have to go instead.

"But Mom," I told her, "I cant be a bridesmaid -  I'm a boy."

"Why not?" she replied, "You're about the same size.  You would make a very pretty bridesmaid - your hair is longer than your sister', so lets go into town to get you fitted."

"Mom, I cried, please don't make me wear a dress!"

"Don't be silly," she said, "it's only for a day."

So Mom took me into town, stopping first at a hairdressers called Sugar Sweet Styles, telling them that I was to be a bridesmaid and could they style my hair accordingly.

"Certainly," they said, asking Mom my age, "he is very pretty for a boy, isn't he?"

So they sat me in the chair, wrapping some kind of cape around me, the assistant saying that she thought plenty of little curls would suit me, with Mother agreeing.  After a few hours, there I was, my hair in lots of curls, looking every bit like a little girl.

We walked over to a children's shop called Bridesmaid's Delight, where Mom explained the same thing - that I was to become a bridesmaid and could they fit me out, as she wanted me to be the prettiest girl there.

"Of course, shall we start with the underwear?" they asked.

Mom told me to get undressed and the assistants brought out the most prettiest, and frilliest of panties I've ever seen.  Next I was fitted with a matching training bra, padded out suitable for a ten year old girl.  Tthen they brought out some petticoats with the most lace on them I had ever seen. Then I was fitted with the most gorgeous pink silk dress, which had loads of small buttons that did up at the back, and a huge sash that was tied up in a bow.  Short pink frilly ankle socks followed, with white Mary Jane shoes, and I was led over to a mirror only to see a very pretty ten year old girl child standing there. Mom was delighted and paid for the clothes and we left.
When we got home, Mom praised me, saying that she told me that I would make a good bridesmaid and the only thing left was to teach me how to act like a good little girl, so I spent all day learning how to curtsy, hold a posy of flowers and talk like a little girl.
The wedding went without a hitch - in fact, I quite enjoyed all the attention I got, and when my sister saw me she told Mom that she wish I could be her sister forever and Mom said, "Yes, he makes a far better girl than he does a boy -I'll give this some serious thought."
A few days later it was the start of the summer holidays and Mom said that we were going into town again, as I needed some new clothes for the summer. I found myself being taken in to a shop called Precious Darlings , which caters to little girls, where Mum bought me a dozen pair of girls' panties in several pastel colours, and some pretty flower girl dresses and skirts; the shoes I already had.
Mom told me that she was so pleased of how I behaved as a girl at the wedding she had decided that as a reward I shall remain a girl throughout the summer; with all the curls in my hair and a pretty dress no one would ever know I was a boy and, as my sister wanted a sister to play with, I could have a dolly and dolls.
pram to play with and if I'm a good girl she would put me in a all girls school.
So here I am, at 15, living my life completely as a girl and, if I am honest, I love it.

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