When I was about 12 or 13, our neighbors went on an extended vacation. They asked my parents to look after their home and provided a house key. Our neighbor, Pat, was a beautiful woman and, on at least one occasion, I caught her innocently in her half-slip and bra on their porch. Since our homes were somewhat isolated and secluded, she clearly felt comfortable being about her house in her pretty lingerie.

One day, while they were away, I found myself home alone and excited at the thought of sorting through Pat's lingerie drawers. I took their house key and used a back trail to their home. I let myself in the back door and went upstairs to the master bedroom. I opened the top drawer of Pat's dresser and there, to my absolute delight, was a lingerie ensemble consisting of white satin panties, bra and a full slip. All were beautifully trimmed in lace and satin ribbons and laid out in the drawer in perfect order. I quickly undressed and began to put on the pretty things. The panties were exquisite, with lace around the legs and up the front. While tight, the bra was equally pretty. But, the irresistable slip was best. I slide it over my head and pulled it down my thighs. It was absolutely gorgeous. And, it felt divine with the satin ribbon straps over my shoulders and a silky, lace-trimmed skirt against my legs.

Not surprisingly, I became very hard and quickly came into the lovely panties. I felt bad about messing her satin panties, but simply could not contain myself. I lay on their bed on my side looking at the wonderful lingerie I was wearing. I felt completely feminine. I proceeded to look through her other drawers but did not find any lingerie to compare with that I wore. It occurred to me that this ensemble was set out by Pat for a purpose. Did she know? Maybe.

A bit later, I removed the silken slip and other things. I carefully returned them to the top drawer - as I had found them. To this day, the recollection of this magic experience is with me.

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