I am a (late) 40's heterosexual male who likes to wear feminine clothing and especially crinolines. I do not dress at home (almost lost a marriage), but I travel a lot affording me the opportunity to enjoy my moments.

I had my first encounter "dressing" when I was only 5 years old. The girl in the downstairs apartment of a duplex (same age as me) and I were good friends and played together a lot. Well one day we were playing house and we decided to swap clothes. This was my first encounter wearing anything feminine and I liked it. Unfortunately, this incident did not repeat itself as my friend moved away shortly after that.

For the next few years, I became friends with another girl (from my Sunday School class) who happened to be taking ballet lessons. Well, that tutu drove me nuts. I wanted to touch it, to wear it. Unfortunately, the closest I got to do either was during her performances and I could only brush op against it afterwards. As I said, we were school chums and I got invited to her birthday party (her 8th, I believe). I was the only boy amongst all those girls and believe me, they were all decked out (this was the late fifties) in their frilly outfits. We played lots of "girl" games and I surprised her parents by never complaining. A few of them even jumped on me during one game and I certainly was not going to put up a struggle with their petticoats draped all over me.

Later, when I was 12 years old and sick at home (alone) from school, I felt an urge to look at my mother's dresser drawers and see her lingerie. I found her bras, panties, nylons, garters and slips. However, my biggest find was a black party dress in her closet with a red crinoline to wear under it. Well, I made every little excuse to stay home so I could put on her "stuff" from then on. One time, during a game with my brother, I had made a suggestion that we bet on the outcome and I maneuvered him into making me get dressed in women's clothing if I lost. I threw the game and made good on my end of the bargain. I think my brother was surprised at the speed that I changed into that "outfit" (our parents were not at home at the time).

My secretly dressing up continued throughout high school but ended once I went to university.

After graduating and getting married, the familiar urges came back to me. I started by saying to my wife how much I enjoyed her lingerie during our lovemaking sessions and eventually purchased a pair of panties to try on. My wife at best was tolerant, and I moved up to a half slip, then a full slip but when I put on a bra, that did it. So I got rid of my stash (I had more but under the circumstances, she was more important.

A few years passed and then my job had me travelling a couple of times a month for a couple of days. As you and your readers well know, the urges never went away, and now I had the opportunity to "dress" up aging. Over the following years I amassed quite a collection of clothing, mostly related to square dancing. I have recently added a short crinoline to the three I previously acquired. The short crinoline was a custom order for the pink maid's outfit that I just purchased. I haven't had a chance to dress in front of anyone in that outfit yet. Which leads me to the Sugar Plum Fairy.

A couple of years ago, I was away on business with a co-worker with whom I share a strictly plutonic relationship. Anyways, to shorten up the story, a couple of bottles of wine and secrets were shared. Mine was my love of wearing women's clothing and especially crinolines. She was fine with that and even asked to see the outfits which I of course had with me. I spent the rest of our off-work hours dressed and felt quite natural with her there.

That was in the spring, 1998. At Christmas time, knowing that I like to dress would love to have the nerve to go out like this, my friend suggested a charity venture to raise money for Christmas presents for the neighborhood. As a theme, she suggested to a couple of other girls in the office that they go around selling coffee and pastries to the office and in keeping with the time of the year, that they dress as characters from the Nutcracker Suite. Naturally, my friend said that to really get people's interest in this fundraiser, that they should recruit one of the males to dress up in a tutu and be the Sugar Plum Fairy. This little scheme worked to perfection with me offering a token resistance but since it was for a good cause. My friend also offered to get the appropriate attire for me from "someone" she knows.

When they day came, the girls brought me "my" clothes and told me to put them on. There were two crinolines and a pair of white tights. I closed my office door and added a (smuggled in) pair of white panties under the tights and a pair of black with silver ruffles sissy pants to wear over them. No bra however. When I came out, the girls tied ribbons to my legs imitating ballerina slippers, put a tiara for my head, and gave me a wand, but they didn't see my modifications to the outfit. It was a good thing that the crinolines were so full to hide things. I was the hit of the party. One girl even lifted up my crinolines to have a peak, but I don't think she saw anything, or at least she's not saying.

This year, I have been asked to repeat the performance, but I might have tripped myself up as I said I'll have to go to the same source for my outfit as last year. My friend is currently working a thousand miles away so I hope no one makes the connection. Anyways, I intend on wearing that custom crinoline as it is a bit shorter and sticks out more like a tutu. Which means more of a chance of my sissy panties being spotted. I'll wear my white sissy pants (I have 5 different colored ones) and say that they are attached to the crinoline if spotted.

(What happened, Poufie friend? - Tessy)

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