I was 26 years old, a smooth muscular "jock" and scanning the classified ads in my local Chicago paper, looking to act out my "poufbunny" fantasy, and came across an ad for a makeover service for men who enjoyed exploring their feminine side. I called, made an appointment and made my way to my "consultant's" apartment.

When I arrived, a very pretty "poufbunny"("Laura") answered the door and let me in to the fantasy world I had always dreamed of. A room full of long, flowing silk, satin and crinoline creations that were mine for the asking.

I sat at the makeup table as my mentor applied makeup and fitted me with lingerie.....garterbelts, thigh high silk stockings, panties and a lacy bra. With a long flowing wig......I was ready for what I really wanted: my petticoat fantasy. Laura showed me the items I could choose from....and I immediately gravitated to the "southern belle" petticoat. It had what seemed like 20 layers of petticoats that spread out like a hoopskirt....but were all pettis! She placed it on the floor and had me step through the waistband....as she pulled the petticoat up over my thighs I almost swooned in delight. She then brought out a long flowing silk dress to go over it and a silk "peasant blouse" to finish the outfit. As I turned to the mirror.....with the mountains of petticoats, silk gown, long wig and makeup.....I felt so purely feminine and sexy!

I turned to Laura.....she had also changed into a similar outfit....she stroked my hair.....and I began to feel her silken gown.....we embraced....two mountains of pettis colliding....our hands raced over each other's petticoats and gowns.....grabbing and feeling the layers and layers of silky material that encased both of our bodies. We looked at ech other and began to kiss deeply and passionately....moving on to a huge king size bed covered with a silk bedspread. There we continued to expore each other's femininity.......endless layers of petticoats rustling around us.......my face buried in the petticoats when I wasn't kissing "her".......it was an incredible experience....and one I would give anything to experience again

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