I remember when I was about six years old my grown up friend Cleo(really a friend of my grandma's) bought me a trio of pictures from the five and dime of ballerinas. One had on a pink classical tutu ,one yellow, and one was a baby ballerina dressed in white. I justladored Those pictures. The two adult ballerinas had very sexy Pamela Andersen-type figures. One day I was looking at the pictures with Cleo and I pointed to the ballerina in pink and said, "I want that!" My friend thought I meant the dancer's bosoms and laughed and said "You'll get that later on." But I meant the tutu. Something about that net skirt affected me in an indescribable way. I wanted ballet lessons right away, so I'd have a reason to get one of those frothy skirts. I still love ballet and tutus and crinolines to this day. I 'm even having my wedding gown designed very much like the romantic tutus I've loved since I was a child!

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