Bridal froufrou

Bridal Frou-frou

Peeking out from under the gowns or sans gowns, these are a delight!

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From the UK bridal house, Pronuptia, featured in their 1994/95 catalog.
Next time you're in the Pond, you might run across THIS Waterpoufbunny! Brides like to wade, too!       (From Modern Bride 12/97-1/98)
Exactly, what's UNDER there? Curious minds want to know, little girl! -- Contributed by Sylvia Marie cccw w iiw[posted 11/17/97]
She is aware what she does to us......................just sitting there? -From Brides Magazine, November, 1997      [posted 2/19/98]
This rear view has a special, romantic charm! Crinolyn thought so--she scanned it!
The Flamenco look! ||                                                                                                                             |[posted 12/7/98]
The bride adjusting her thigh-hi's! -- Compliments of Crinolyn || ||||||||||||||||                    |                       ||[posted 7/26/99]
  From the 1998 Pastore collection                        || ||||||||||||||||||||||||||        ||||||||||||||||||            ||[posted 2/27/00]
German bridal cover -- Compliments of Jo                                                                  ||||| |||||||||               [posted 5/18/00]
Hoop in action -- Compliments of John                                                ||     |                                                 [posted 6/17/01]
We should ALL have this much fun! -- Compliments of John                  |||                                                       [posted 1/26/02]
Bridesmaid with shoeless grace -- Compliments of Allan                                                                                                       [posted 4/1/02]
Bridesmaid jumping on the bed! -- Compliments of Andrew                                                                              [posted 5/10/02]
Bride at the pool adjusting her stockings!                                                                                                  [posted 7/2/02]
Satin bride! -- Compliments of 'Voluminous'                                                                                                          [posted 11/25/02]
Sitting pretty! -- Compliments of Gunnar                                                                                              ||            [posted 12/23/02]
Showing the garter...  -- Compliments of Mike                                                                                                             [posted 5/10/03]

(Above) Courtesy Otta of Holland

All above enlargeable


Bridal dressing from Ian


...and don't forget to bring your local petti-enthusiast along, too!

Don't you love it when they crunch into
their gowns like this?





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