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Peeking out from under the gowns or sans gowns, these are a delight!

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This vintage bridal photo from Ian is
intriguing because of the possibility
 that the tiers under her gown are
part of a unique hoop, rather than the dress.
 If that is the case, well, we wish we could see it!


(below) A candid bridal dressing 'sequence' (of sorts) - bride is masked for anonymity
Courtesy Crinolyn

Bridal dressing from Ian


...and don't forget to bring your local
 petti-enthusiast along, too!

Don't you love it when women crunch into
their gowns like this?


"Candy Anthony offers an increasingly sought-after range
 of 1950s inspired wedding/bridesmaid/prom dresses.
I've just come across the Candy Anthony Fan Club ....
and these  photographs caught my eye immediately!" 



Ken R, sends this 2010 New York Daily News picture/article about a wedding party at Citifield
 (NY Mets stadium) where the bride and groom give a nice pose Pond people will enjoy.

Full article          Uncropped


(below) Ron H. has sent us some pictures of a wedding party we'd all like to attend!  (Or be a part of!)



Saw this on page 9 or so of this excellent picture filled website: 

 Okay, so . . . is there really a difference between a wedding gown and a wedding dress? I mean you hear designers and savvy merchandisers referring to what you wear on your big day as either gown or dress. So which is it?
Defined, gowns are anything to the floor and definitely ones with trains and/or extensions are considered super gown-worthy. For me the gown at its quintessential best is 'Harlowesque' lean-lined and clingy, something Hollywood designers borrowed for evening wear from sexy nightgowns back in the 1930s (hence comes the gown). The dress on the other hand can be any silhouette--even a ballgown--as long as it's ankle length or above.  BTW, my favorite length and silhouette for bridal wear right now is Ballerina, just above the ankles
and very full.

(ED: So, this is a "dress" right?)



Unique bridal underpinning

From Abby Rhodes




Steve B.:

"Here are some risqué bridal skirts, petticoats and hoops from Russia,
eight pages in all! Yes, it's in Russian, but that won't matter!
"Caution is advised, since there is much more explicit sex on these pages."


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