Bridal froufrou -2

Bridal Frou-frou - page two

Peeking out from under the gowns or sans gowns, these are a delight!

Bridesmaids in the forties, getting dressed?




Yano provides these Russian 'bride' images



Cyndie D. writes:

"Unfortunately, petticoat management may
 be coming a lost art."

From Brides, 7 Jan 01









A nice memory of a time when
bridal underpinnings were more
elaborate --  and brides took
pride in having more than just
plain tulle under their gowns!


Compliments Ian






A moonstruck, but rather tired, little bride (or maybe she just likes to rub her pretty feet in her crinies...hmmm...)

In any case, the image is rather are her underpinnings








So...what does one call a group
 of brides? A brood, a flock, a reception?
Inquiring PoufieMinds want to know, and
 so does Yano, who provided this cute picture of
'perched' Russian brides.






This vintage bridal photo from Ian is
intriguing because of the possibility
 that the tiers under her gown are
part of a unique hoop, rather than  the dress.
 If that is the case, well, Tessy wishes she could see it!




Yano writes:

"Here a lovely sight from a Russian wedding. Russian bridal gowns are particularly beautiful and perhaps daring in some cases. For me, the mini bridal gown covers both so well."





(above right)
A pretty Russian bride

(below) A candid bridal dressing 'sequence' (of sorts) - bride is masked for anonymity
Courtesy Crinolyn - Click to enlarge


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