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Les Fifis Farfelues, a British cancan troupe with amazing costumes -
Their main website is here, and they have a MySpace page here.


...and a link from Misha:
These images enlarge when clicked; and there is a link to
a Windows Media file video; they do other dancing, too.


Some time ago, John sent the below picture of cancan dancers performing at the
Royal Gala Performance of "Moulin Rouge" in 2001.
 (From the October, 2001 issue of Hello magazine.) 

Note that there are rarely any LAYERS in classical, authentic cancan; rather,
the ruffles sewn to the inner side of the skirt serve as a "petticoat".

The 1960 movie CanCan also featured some interesting pictures of Juliete Prowse 'en cancan'

(above) France, 1959


'KJB' sends this nice 1950s unidentified movie cancan representation




Vintage colour postcard showing a picture by
H. Chachoin of a lady in can can dress
with pink ballet shoes, entitled
‘Bal du Moulin Rouge - La Lionne - Succes’"




To us, this looks like a lady who decided to
perform an impromptu cancan at a party in the fifties!



From Toronto Life. Elwy hosts retro movies on Saturday nights on public TV.



(below) A genuine picture from the real Moulin Rouge, year unknown

Cast picture:

Outside the Disneyland's Old West theme park's Golden Horseshoe Revue Playhouse in Anaheim, California,
perhaps in the 70's or early 80's

The Finale of the Golden Horseshoe Revue

With just four weeks notice, the Golden Horseshoe Revue in Frontierland officially closed on Sunday, October 12, 1986 with Dick Hardwick, Betty Taylor and Jay Meyer doing the final show. One of the dancers included Dick's wife, Claudia who had been with the show since 1971. The Golden Horseshoe Revue lasted over 50,000 plus shows, helping it to maintain the “Guinness Book of World Records” for the longest running stage show in history.

(above) Filles Tournoires Dancers, from Misha

Janet B.:

"This rather attractive picture comes from a surprising source -
a Quaker Journal."

Caption: 'Lulu Alexandra (Daisy) in Wink the Other Eye by Angus Barr,
showing at Wilton's Music Hall in London'

(below) Cancan at the 1986 Tivoli World's Fair, from David in Scotland


Dave E. points to this site

Chantal's Cancan Orpheus

Video - Modern interpretation of can-can on stage in a show (Sigla  Finale, Il  Bagaglino Gran Caffè)

100 Years of Can Can
An Interesting History from Monsieur Magazine (year unknown)
(The 100th anniversary of can can)


An article which touches on cancan in Alaska!


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