(Thank you to John for these first black-and-whites)

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We love these candid shots from 1950s square dances. 

The differences between then and now are very apparent: longer skirts and pettis, and, most sadly, the attention to detail (Most SD pettis today are
rather void of character).  Furthermore, note that many were probably cotton and nice and densely packed. Imagine how they felt around the legs!


(above) 50s square dancing (from the cover of an old 33 rpm record)  Notice the luscious detail! -- Contributed by "Peekup"


(above) A nostalgic view of what it used to be like, albeit a poor image, from a old newspaper (wish it were better!)
 Contributed by Elizabeth

If we had to guess, we'd say this was from the very early 50s. (Sent by David M.)
...but if Denise had to guess, she'd make these comments:

a. In the lower left, the two fellas with cameras are using cameras far too advanced for the 1950s.  Most younger folks in that era wouldn't have that fancy of camera. 
b. The girl in the lower right is wearing a low cut top with a plaid shirt to "cover up" - just doesn't look right for "The Era."  
c. The girl in the petticoat, ohhhh my, forgot what I was gonna say.  :)  Well, first what a yummy petticoat!  But, the outfit just doesn't fit the 50s era to me.   And, the gal seems to have a lot more makeup than most of the gals wore back then. Her hairdo looks more boyish and common to more present day.  Girls in "The Era" may have had short hair, but would normally have been done up nicer with some curls. 

ED:  We disagree.  The outfit and the hairstyle are right on for that part of The Era. 



Circa 1950, color roto (?) section from Midwest newspaper.
depicting grade school classes for square dancing.
(This is before the petticoats change square dancing for the better!)

Looks like Seattle to us...

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