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For this summer [2016], Zuhair Murad will be confining the stately silhouettes of his muses in gilded, sun-kissed cages, radiant filters though whose prism femininity is freed of all trace of sentimentality, more fulfilled than ever and in perfect form to wield its power of seduction. 
Panniers galore in jaunty horsehair will walk in a flowering of artfully rounded volumes suggestive of virtuoso birdcages: structured curves of crinolines, basques, and whalebone forming ethereal cage bars and dazzling, delicately-   flowing openwork. Untrammelled refinement comes in a series of sexy, bouffant mini-dresses, über-chic tulip skirts, and architectural, show-stopping eveningwear with glamorous red-carpet trains.
Sources:     #1     #2  (Sample at left)          Another of his special creations on The Pond   (2012)

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(R) 2019

(above L) Emilio Schuberth, 1955 (C) Collette Dinnigan (R) Sorelle Fontana, 1952

(above) Michael Klein  (C)
Bianchini  (R) Ramona Kaveza

Moschino creations

Far left, 2020



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