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(Below three) ...from Betsey Johnson's spring 2005 line






Betsey (left)
...with unidentified model

From Abby Rhodes

(above left) Spring 2009 - shown on this video at 1:15

(above) B
ridal gown pictures from Betsey Johnson (2003)

(Above four) unidentified season

We have no provenance, but we guess
this is a
Betsey Johnson design.
Kind of looks like one of her models, too.

Provided by Kristi






"This came from the  'Style' section of The New York Sun website,
the 12 September 07 event for Betsey Johnson's Spring, 2008 show. 
Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP."








From Betsey Johnson's 'Barbie' collection
(And below)


Other designers





Betsey Johnson in a 'typically Betsey', spring, 2009 design,
with model Stephanie Wei

At the fashion show - Bryant Park tents, NYC, 9 Sep 09





Betsey Johnson ball gown

At the fashion show - Bryant Park tents, NYC, 11 Sep 08


(above) From the 2002 season


This Betsey image is from her 2007 collection, we believe...



A capture from a 2016
Betsey Johnson runway show


(below) Betsey's Spring and Fall 2003 collections.



1987 VIDEO


Betsy Johnson Spring 2008 videos:

ED: For some reason, the cameraperson spent more time concentrating on the models' faces, rather than on the gowns! ...and the music! Ouyveh!

(above) 2008

Her creation at
NY Fashion Week
, 2008

From John N.



(above) Model Cintia Dicker




2015 offering

From David S.


The Store:




Abby Rhodes:

"These four are from a London store opening -
Betsy Johnson styles, who knows what I like."




(above) early on




Betsey Johnson 2013

From Abby Rhodes 

Pleats area



Spring/summer 2010 (and above five)





(above left) - fun on stage  

A Betsey Johnson number from her 2011 collection; at the
Museum in The Fashion Institute of Technology in 2010

Offered by John N.


(above) unidentified season



These are unidentified, but they
surely look like designs by
Betsey Johnson




Betsey Johnson
mom convention?

From Rhino    




Crinolyn has come across an interesting find:

Betsey Johnson in her prom gown (1958),
and a great contemporary picture of her.



One can always recognize a
Betsey Johnson creation

John N. sent this

Spring 2008 "Prom Queen"

Video of the Betsey Johnson fashion show at Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas...spring collection 2008

...including the typical runway silly walk and sullen countenance...

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