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DESIGNERS (Haute Couture)

Christian Dior

All enlargeable

(above left) 2003 (right two)  2010

(above) 2007 except far right 2005

(above) 2011

(above) 2012

(above L) 2003 (R three) 2004

Season unidentified:



Hmmm...fall, 2004
Special bride - bodice is bit weird
From John


Era creations:

(above L two) sack dresses from the 50s  (R four) 1951

Unspecified seasons:

(L four)  1953 (C four) 1950 (R)  1955

Three Era designs:
(inner L two) 1957
(inner R) 1959
(outer L) Spring, 1958

(above L four) 1956 (C two) 1948 (R three) 1954

(above L three) 1949 (C three) 1957 (R three) 1952

(above L) 1964 (C) 1959 (R) 1947 "Diamont Noir"

A truly inspirational gown

Dior design, model, Victoire Doutreleau,
photo Sabine Weiss, 1958

From Crinolyn


Christian Dior dress photographed by
Philippe Pottier for L'Officiel, 1957

by BB Bloomer  



Dior model Svetlana in a party dress by
 Yves Saint Laurent for Dior, photo by Willy Maywald, 1958

From Crinolyn             


 Two good examples
of Dior's 'New Look'
by Nigel Cawthorne
(R) 1951

Provided by Abby Rhodes



Velvet dress called 'Curaçao'

Dior design 1954 (autumn/winter)

From Crinolyn


Christian Dior petticoat

From Abby Rhodes





Dior workroom in the Fifties



Christian Dior with model
Dorothy Emms, 1952


Backstage with designer Dior (50s)

From John N.


Christian Dior works on a gown worn by model Jean Patchett
in his atelier in Paris, 1951, photo by Nat Farbma


Renée Breton wearing a satin evening dress with gathered poufed
skirt by Christian Dior in a photo by Willy Maywald,1953


Model Wenda Rogerson wearing a tulle ballgown by Dior on the Grand Staircase
of the Paris Opera Palais Garnier in a photo by Clifford Coffin for Vogue, 1948



"The photo is from 1957 and is showing the Dior collection.
Photographer is Cecil Beaton. It was the same year as Dior died."



  Dior, 1955

This style  is called by many a 'bubble dress', but, during The Era, most called it a 'sack dress' (for its tucked hem)



(above) 2009

 (below) 2008



'Lingerie Lover' writes:

"Here is a full length (LONG) video of the Dior 60th anniversary fashion show at Versailles...
some interesting and some VERY interesting stuff here!

But here are also a couple still pictures to whet  your appetite."


A most amazingly massive gown by Dior, presented in Shanghai in 2012

Taken by noted photographer Gérard Uféras

From Sonia


Ingrid Bergman attends Dior's Spring-Summer Collection
of 1957, model Victoire presents  ruffled dresses,
(R) photo by Philippe Le Tellier, Paris, 1957

               From Crinolyn             



"Laurent for Dior - 1958

Apparently, Laurent  worked for the
 House of Dior at one time

(This was posted in 2016)

Francis P. writes about a situation of which we were unaware:  "I love the photo. I write only to point out there is a slight timing/sensitivity issue you may have overlooked, being that the area within the photograph is currently under water due to the exceptional flooding the Parisians are in the middle of enduring. I believe it didn't get as bad as was feared and the waters are now subsiding, for which we are all grateful. But your usual house style might have included a note of solidarity, 'thinking of Paris and wishing for a dryer day'... the kind of thing you generally do so well!"

ED: And so we do!  Such a shame that so beautiful a city and people have had such terrorism sadness recently.

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