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Petti Pictures


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Practicing to manage their hoops for the big show!--contributed by Elizabethvjjjv       
Ad for 50-yard "Carousel" petti--contributed by Elinore, scanned by Denise
Instance #2, 1958 issue of Seventeen
Ad for "can-can petticoats"!--contributed by Janice, scanned by Denisec||                                                       
"Debbie Petti" fiberglass crinoline ad --Contributed by Denise                  cccccccccccccccccccccccccc||
From The Raleigh News & Observer, around 1981--contributed by Anita|||                                                     
Classic brassiere ad which, representative of ads of that era, displays a nice petti!  We have kept this large in an attempt to preserve the text.--contributed by Don vvvvvvvvvvvvvv      cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc|||| |cc


50s-style inspired clothing (and pettis) -pdf file

Easing the Significant Other into Accepting Petticoats

by "Dressup"*

  CRINOLINES (An historical perspective)

By Danielle  of "Silhouette" Magazine

Petticoat-related definitions


A French song about petticoats!

  Modern Petti-Poetry

  Classical Poems alluding to Petticoats

A very special little excerpted feature on Naomi Judd--
nice reading, lovely picture!

Rules for Teachers -- 1915


The Tuesday Weld Story
by Floyd Conner

The Fine Art of Being a Well Dressed Wife

 by Ann Fogarty


An Offbeat Social History of Women's Clothing, 1950 to 1980

by Ellen Melinkoff

Small feature article from 1956 TV Guide, with pictures


A nostalgic article from the New York Times Magazine (1954)

Memories of the Fifties

The women who lived through that wonderful era of pettis and crinies look back!


A true story by Ed


Interesting quotes we have come upon

Here is an ARTICLE which VINDICATES the idea that ladies  (and girls) prefer to be treated like...ladies and girls (gender feminists* notwithstanding..)!  Shelley also mentioned that in THIS country, dress-up little girl parties are becoming a popular business!  She points out that it is just INSIDE little girls to want to wear pretty, full dresses (why else do they twirl their skirts the minute they get them on?).

* Those feminists who blame everything that ever happened bad in the world on men --
"equity" feminists merely want equality in the workplace and opportunity.

100 Years of Can Can

An Interesting History from Monsieur Magazine (year unknown)
(The 100th anniversary of can can)


Karl K. sends this interesting newspaper article

'I can always find a reason for a petticoat.' Above, a Dolce ...
The Guardian
Of course… my star/petticoat/big skirt/shoe/hat obsessions! ... My own wardrobe has contained petticoats in every variation: stiffened with horsehair, ...

The Vintage Years: inheritance chic
The Guardian
My own wardrobe has contained petticoats in every variation: stiffened ... They're practical and versatile and I can always find a reason for a petticoat. ...

Franz T. has written a short primer about the South American Cueca dance.
(Those Latinas sure know how to work their skirts!  And pettis!)



From AMNY paper (21 Jul 15), an article about
a Comedy Central program on Tuesdays.  One of
 the players shows off an attraction for Pond lovers.

Ken R. sent this



Ken R.:

"Cover page from an insert in a 2017 local paper, the Bayside Times.

The photo is courtesy of Mon Cheri Bridals. Lots of other Pond

 material at their site."



An exciting professional Era "peekup" that is everyone's dream!

By professional photographer,
Vivian Maier

From Janet: "This is part of a  book review which appeared in the British newspaper The Independent on  Sunday."




A nice bit of first-hand historical evidence!

Text of Country Life in Georgia in the Days of My Youth by Rebecca Felton
The author lived from 1835 to 1930, and is writing presumably about the middle 1840s - before the age of Scarlett O'Hara:

"When I had reached the age of ten the fashionables wore voluminous skirts and many of them. The underskirts were starched as stiff as possible, and I remember hearing a friend of my mother say she had on at that time eight petticoats beside the outside frock made of "balzarine." Something like the voile of modern dress goods. As she came down the street she was like a ship in full sail. Her dress skirt was as wide as the sidewalk. The body to the dress was tight as beeswax and she was laced until her beaux could nearly span her waist with both hands." (page 64)

Petticoats and Dreams

Petticoats in a dream pertain to marital or romantic affairs, and their meaning depends on the action and other aspects of the dream which must be correlated, but as a general guide: petticoats which the dreamer considered as pleasing or pretty (rather than strictly utilitarian) are a warning against vanity and conceit; buying petticoats is a caution against extravagance; changing a petticoat predicts that the dreamer will soon be off with the old, on with the new; losing a petticoat is a sign of unexpected rivalry for the affection of someone the dreamer takes for granted; a torn petticoat indicates disenchantment; a mended petticoat (or to mend one) is a warning against foolish pride; it is frequently better in the long run to sit on your pride than to stand on your dignity.


There was a wedding in the neighbourhood with drinking and dancing well into the night and through to the early hours of the morning.
Now Mary was able to drink as well as she could dance, and as she spun around in a drunken dance the buttons of her skirt caught onto
a nail. The buttons burst open and her skirt fell to the ground, to the great delight of the others in the room who laughed and jeered her. This is the incident that earned her the name of 'Petticoat Loose.'  

I am so pleased with my little butter-yellow machine that has more grunt and cleaning ability than any vacuum I have ever owned. It picks up the beagle's hair from carpets, beds and car - in fact if the beagle was not quite as round as she is it would pick her up. It certainly is not safe to wave the nozzle around the curtains and I had a nasty petticoat incident whilst my husband was testing the machine and I was bending over.

Joe A. sends:

"An article entitled 'Petticoat Girls in School Parade' appeared in the British Daily Mirror (1961).  Here are some relevant excerpts: 

The headmistress said the girls were deliberately showing their petticoats at school, and decided it must stop... 

"The girls aged seventeen and eighteen lifted their gymslips and showed the headmistress what sort of petticoat they were wearing...

Girls caught wearing a frothy, frilly, non regulation petticoat were told not to wear it again at school... 

They must be taught to realise that the sight of a petticoat to a young boy can be very provocative...

 A seventeen year old boy at the school said "Frilly petticoats? fancy hairstyles? Lovely!"

"I think we're in luck tonight, Gloria. I can feel somebody looking at us."


Era newspaper bits (Each can be varying enlarged)

6 Oct 51

        (no date)

 25 Jul 51

 16 Aug 59



Ken R.:

"A cute surprise in this past Thursday's (March 17, 2011) Queens Chronicle, a give-away paper. A pretty and talented local young lady performed at Carnegie Hall and chose a very Pond-appropriate outfit to wear."






"Petticoat Pretty at The Women's Museum"
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth
By Abby Gregory

"Think petticoats are old-fashioned? Think again. ... The new interactive exhibit from the Women's Museum, dubbed "Petticoats and Slide Rules ...

Crowded Pettis Area





This site, "where your femdom fantasies come true"
this story in 2013

Short summary:
Heather finds herself in a unique position. She gets a new neighbour who seems to be interested in her petticoats that are hanging in the garden to dry. Heather forms a plan in her mind to get the new helpless male in the frilliest petticoat and maid's uniform she can imagine. This dominant lady ends up using the force of spanking and blackmail to get what she wants. Warning: quite graphic and forceful femdom petticoat story. 

FemDom on The Pond



Nick W.:

"Here are printouts (#1  #2) taken from 'Friends Reunited,' three paragraphs of which refer to our favourite topic.
This reflects what happened at some girl’s schools in the UK during the early ‘60’s."

A published backward-looking perspective of certain interest to all of us!

by Peggy Epstein

Fifties Fashion - Crinolines

The Full Skirt Becomes Fuller . . . and Fuller Yet: Those Crucial Crinolines



From The Chicago Tribune
March 15, 1952


An exciting professional Era "peekup" that is everyone's dream!

By professional photographer,
Vivian Maier

From Janet: "This is part of a  book review which appeared in the British newspaper The Independent on  Sunday."


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