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Sonja Henie on ice

(above left)    Maxson couple (right)  The Meldrum Sisters


Ken R.:

"From an article in a New York Daily News on the crazy skating outfits
worn at the Olympics. Hal Rubenstein is In Style's fashion director."

Ed:  But Hal knows nothing about petticoats!


Now, you can't say that going to the
 ice-skating rink wasn't more fun in The Era!



(above) Galit Chalit and Sergei Sakhnovski

Crinolyn has provided quite a few images of 
Stars on Ice 2004

(features Yuka Sato in a breathtaking poufy costume!)
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Elizabeth writes:

"Here is a nice picture I found on - of all places - the Sports Illustrated web site.  Her picture was in a gallery of the best looking women athletes.  Something about Tanith Belin's skirt keeps attracting me, and I hope it does for you, as well."


Quite a pretty outfit on this ice skater!
First day of the 2008 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships -
Junior Dancer Clara Gosselin, from Quebec

Sent by Gord


Amy Vecchio and Chris Tunney in a Disney on Ice number.

Source    Pleats area     From Nancy N.


Excerpts from a Starlight Express production

From Nancy N.
Source #1       Source #2

Starlight Express on Ice

Sent by Abby Rhodes


Holiday on Ice, 1983

This from Abby Rhodes


St. Petersburg Ballet on Ice

From Nancy N.



(below) Ann: "My spouse is something of an expert on figure skating. As near as we can determine, this was a production number from the
1962 Ice Follies. It's listed in that year's program, and this photo is similar in style to one other production number photo we found
('Pink Champagne' in the 1963 program)."

(above left) 2006

YouTube video featuring a nicely froufrou'd ice skater Piper Gilles

'Big skirt' YouTube video, this part of a ice stage production

A YouTube video of 2010 Olympics ice-skating coverage

Curtis A. writes:

"It occurs to me, that tutus are not only great for showing-off a sexy, frilly rear-view, (and ballet, I suppose) but they also look very sexy on certain ice skaters, as in these examples."


(below) Elizabeth has provided these images of Isabelle Delobel at the 2010 Olympics

(below) Era figure skater Donna Atwood


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