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Below four from an Era catalog entitled "Florida Fashions":

(above) Alden's 1960 - enlarge

(above two) Sears, Christmas 1958 - enlarge



Julie A.:

"Here is one of my favorites.  Love the  femininity ...  how could they hide such delights?  ...from Wards 1961"

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(above) Lobell page, and five unidentified - enlargeable




"See what we missed out on?  It must have been so fun shopping as a young girl and picking out such pretty underthings to wear. I love the girl model expressions."


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More detail



Julie: "Don't you wish you could travel back in time, and make purchases, such as these (below)?  I sure do.  Lingerie was often prettier than the dresses, with the most feminine embroidery; love the jacquard print on the blue slip.  The red you see is also a taffeta slip ... not a dress. I would have liked to have seen a bow on the top ribbon band on the peach (first) slip with the ends reaching to the bottom ribbon band;  rest assured I would have added one.  Love the pink slip with the petals on the bodice to coordinate with the flowers on the skirt."

(above) Enlargeable



"I ran across this bouffant slip in a 1961 Montgomery Ward catalogue.  Isn't it scrumptious?       You are probably familiar with this site.  It has many vintage catalogue pages from a variety of catalogues."

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Apparently a clip from an unidentified Era catalog, showing prominent styles at the time

Balloon dress (then called a 'sack dress') and bouffant prom gown


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A charming German catalog cover and page

From Bernhard F.

Slightly enlargeable









A page from the
Fall 1960 Sears catalog

from Sonia




Denise points to this site containing old Sears catalogs...   


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