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(below) FROM LISA: "Below is a postcard bought in either Majorca or Tenerif. It is probably somewhere between 15 and 25 years old (I can't be sure!) I can't give credit as my
Spanish is lousy !!! The postcard company is :- SAVIR of BARCELONA, the number on it is 304 - 'Andalusian Dance' (but this may mean nothing)."

(below) Ian has found some Flamenco (properly, 'Spanish') ballet...from this link:

(below) Fabulous flamenco coasters from Gil!  Click to enlarge...

An unidentified picture - the filename is 'rockts'. 
We wonder if these are the Rockettes?


Elizabeth's 2003 cruise to the Mexican Rivera
yielded this crew production publicity picture.





Some wonderful Spanish dancers, circa 1956
From Ian

Click picture for larger





           60s ballroom

(below) ...taken at a San Diego Ballet Company performance

(below) "Tanz ohne Pause" September 14 1996,



Spanish dancers "taking a break"
...from a postcard from the Minolta
Tower in Niagara Falls. 


We would love to see her in action!









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