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Special Youth and Adult newspaper ads collection from The Era

First Communion

Memories in words
...and from Pondgirl Allison

Graduation and Class

"See-through" dresses fad

Prom, Homecoming & Beauty Pageant

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Trying on pettis in The Era (1956)
Cleaned up and optimized by
Sylvia Marie

John V.: "The woman on the right in this picture is my mother, June Engelmeyer - VanTilburg trying on a petticoat at a store called Tow Bari at Cherry Hill and
Outer Drive in Dearborn Michigan.  The story is that she agreed to have dinner
with the Life photographer that took that picture.  I hope he wasn't the Harvey
 Weinstein type. Thanks for keeping history alive."       Right: Anything changed?


A picture from the July 23, 1957 issue of Look magazine, showing three girls posing and pulling up their skirts to proudly display their petticoats. Photographed by Archie Lieberman on the step of Little Rock Central High School just before the famous Civil Rights confrontation there. The girls are named (l to r): Sandra, Jane and Roberta (wonder where they are  today).
--Contributed by "Voluminous"    
   Colorized version by Walt


1958 Scrapbook (Festival Queen)

Every once in a while, we come across a very special picture which just gnaws at our heart and soul, making us wish that those times were back and the youth portrayed were ours. This charming picture is shared, knowing YOU'LL understand. Let us know what you think--We did the best we could to restore it (It is from a scan).
-Contributed by Eleanor, who has made our day!  I am sure it has affected her as such as it did us. <sigh> (Enhanced by Mark)n


Strolling the Seine, we turned a corner! <sigh> --Contributed by Janet

Micael writes: "Thanks to Janet for this wonderful picture: I often cross the Seine, and I recall George Brassens' song
"Si Par Hazard Sur le Pont des Arts" - "Be Careful of your Petticoat Because of the Wind".



From LIFE ("Fashion-Dancing School Dresses").
Taken at Lester Lanin's Dance School
        --Contributed by Jackie     

Right: A common sight from the good ole days, and the reason we all spent so much time in the back of Woolworth's
        (I know, checking for ironing board covers, right? <g>). Should make any Poufbunny over a certain age check his pulse
---Contributed by John
(L) Siegel's Department Store, 1957
(Sent by " KJB")


(below) Mode O'Day dress shop, 24253 San Fernando Road, Newhall, CA (1960). Woman at left is Dorothy Hunt, owner.
Dorothy Hunt owned the dress shop until 1968 and later moved to Fresno. (Identification provided by Diana [and Gary] Allen, Hunt's daughter.)

Memories courtesy Ian

Lord and Taylor, 1954

Compliments 'KJB'


Prom gown shopping
during The Era

 From Jean L.



Some Life library Era dress shop images
Found by Crinolyn


High school girl buying prom  dress
 at Saks Fifth Avenue, early 1950s

From John N.


PondGirl Allison:
"I found this picture and it brought back memories. I was just little but I do
remember the department store try-on rooms. They were semi-private areas. Some
girls  were so sensitive they never tried on anything. But most didn't mind.  I noticed
that one girl is wearing a quilted skirt, so it's most likely winter."

ED: We loved the way quilted skirts like this were so heavy that they
pressed the petticoats or crinolines into the wear's legs!



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