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An interesting insight from Larry:

"Below is a cropped Summerfield School class picture from 1960.  It was pictures like this one that began my interest in photography. Let me tell you a story.  Do you see the way those girls are sitting?  The way their legs are placed ?   Every photographer took class pictures like that.  But the girls didn't automatically sit like that. When they took my class picture in 1959, the photographer had every girl in the front row stand.  The photographer reached in back of each girl and scooped her petticoats as he told her to sit. I'm sure he felt a few girly bottoms as he did so. Then he arranged their skirts and crinolines. He then positioned their legs as you see in this picture. I can remember so well all the giggling from those girls and all I could think of, as I witnessed this ritual, was what a lucky guy!  I wished I was he!"  ED: Don't we all!  How exciting!

(ABOVE) A rather nice class picture from 1957, when most ALL the girls wore crinolines to school.
Allison, who lived through it -- one girl who realized that the eyes of folks such as we were ALWAYS on hem of her skirts!!

(ABOVE) St. Georges High School in London, Ontario, Canada - courtesy John N.

A nice 1960 Class photo of a sixth grade
Now: Would WE be sitting there so calmly if WE were one of those two teachers? We surely would be smiling like the one on the right!
Courtesy Ian and 'Voluminous'

(ABOVE) Ian sent this unusually petti-detailed 8th grade class picture (1959)

(above) 1959


A special close-up of two special girls
from a 1958 (St. Barbara's) graduation
Courtesy Ian

Click here for context



Glamorganshire School, 1958

Full picture




Baker School 1959 graduation

From Larry


(above) Gasteyer Elementary School, 1960


(below) An interesting site. Of course, below is only a preview of the content (1958), cropped to retain only the most important part.

(below) The important element [cropping] of a 1959 Catholic school, class picture
Provided by Elizabeth - Click for uncropped

(above are crops) Central Elementary (1959) - Click for full picture

1959 class picture

From David M.

Cropped for best effect -
click for full picture


 An appropriate crop of a graduation picture from 1958





1958 Yorkship School Graduation, Camden, NJ 
...from Dave



(L) St. Barbara's graduation, 1958
(R) Flanders graduation

Sent by John N.


Era graduation/class picture

From David M.

Nice crop

Joe A.:

"Some great graduation pictures (cropped). It must have been a dream profession for the photographer. The ladies in the front row of the 1959 (#2) class are a real treat."


Details are in the filename; L to R originals:    #1    #2    #3


        Joe A.:
"Two graduation pictures I came across. The high school picture (L),
the girl second from right, what an amazing petti.

 "The grade school picture (R), do you wonder why the boys look so happy? 
Besides the petticoats the little girls are displaying, take a look at the teacher!"


Hall School in Bridgeport, CT in 1959:



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