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At left, an all-American scenario

...and the iconic version by Norman Rockwell:

(above right) 1958



A couple of Era 'leaving for the prom' pictures, from Rikki

Petticoats upon your lap was a nice feeling, and it happened a lot during The Era.  PondGirl Allison talks about it in one of her 'Bouffant Girl' entries.  The girls knew exactly what they were doing!             





David M. provides this Era
getting-the-dress-ready-for-the prom picture



More nostalgia




1957 prom Flickr image

"Look at the sweep!"

More at the Flickr site





"Girls at the 1963 Seaman High School (Birmingham, Alabama) Junior Prom. Most of them do not look very happy. Perhaps that was because of what was happening in Birmingham at that time."

Karl K.     


(left) 1958 (center) 1961 



Group intimacy at the prom! (below)
For those of of us who lived in that golden era, witnessing this scene would have been a dream come true!

(below) A wonderful prom peek into the past from Ian - but why are most so somber, with so many beautiful gowns on them or next to them?

(above two) 1958

(Above) Wonderful bouffant on a beautiful gal; personal photography from 1959, featuring Polly with her escort Jamie -- compliments of Erin


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