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PROM & BEAUTY PAGEANT PICTURES (and some Homecoming)

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At left, an all-American scenario

...and the iconic version by Norman Rockwell:



A couple of Era 'leaving for the prom' pictures, from Rikki

Petticoats upon your lap was a nice feeling, and it happened a lot during The Era.  PondGirl Allison talks about it in one of her 'Bouffant Girl' entries.  The girls knew exactly what they were doing!             


getting-the-dress-ready-for-the prom



Group intimacy at the prom! (below)
For those of of us who lived in that golden era, witnessing this scene would have been a dream come true!


(above) Wonderful bouffant on a beautiful gal; personal photography from 1959, featuring Polly with her escort Jamie -- compliments of Erin


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