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PROM & BEAUTY PAGEANT PICTURES (and some Homecoming) - Page Two

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Near the bottom of this page are many pictures of attendees
of the
1963 Chelsea (Michigan) High School prom

Here are two examples

Courtesy Jean L.



"Remember how great Homecoming used to be in fall?"






So typical a prom gown back then

Brings back memories of girls constantly pulling up their bodices <g>.

Abby Rhodes


PondGirl Allison responds:

"Well, there were two dresses that a schoolgirl would fantasized about: her prom dress and her wedding dress. Consequently, girls often did not use good judgment when shopping for a prom dress. We were easily dazzled by color and style, and without thinking about the important fact, 'Do I have the body to wear such a dress'?  Strapless was very popular in The Era and girls were so tempted to choose such a dress. But if her breasts were not big enough or well-shaped, or if the dress was not properly made, the dress would not cooperate. Such a dress could strike fear into the heart of a dancing prom girl. If her dress should slip and too much exposure should happen, her prom would be ruined.  I played it safe. This is an example of my style of dress."


Beauty contestants at the
Florida Citrus Queen Exposition
Winter Haven, Florida, 1955

From l to r: Ann Daniel, Miss Florida 1954; Sally Ardrey, 1955 Citrus Queen; Lee Ann Meriwether, Miss America
From Mary S. 



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