Square Dance Images - 2

(below) Michelle: "I acquired a catalog of Barbara's Dance Fashions from the eighties, with her in nice pettis of course.
Bad news is she closed shop - her dresses were the finest."  (Enlargeable)

Matt L.:

"I found this square dancing site
that has a lot of pictures of interest to

Right enlargeable





Another pooped squaredancer?

This one from Elaine Flowers



...and what appears to be young square dancers taking a break

From Elaine Flowers







German square dancers

Courtesy Abby Rhodes







Probably taking a break from a square dance

We do not even notice the garbage can -
there are more important things to observe




(Above enlargeable)




Ronald H. sends these images of square dancing the way we like to see it

Can be varyingly enlarged




Rikki:  "Here is a compilation listing of some brand new German square dance videos (2010).  They don't show up when searching YouTube since there is little description and no words 'square dance' in them, but they are great HD videos and the dancers are young and lively!!  Enjoy them all."

(above) Enlargeable








Shannon writes:

"I just returned from three days at the 54th National Square Dance Convention in Portland Oregon.
Attendance was about 7400.  Lots of petticoats there !!  Thousands! 

About 50 vendors filled a 50,000 sq ft. room with wall-to-wall petticoats.  Think Petticoat Pond’ers (Shannon means 'Poufies') are the only petticoat lovers out there??….think again!  I’ve got plenty to say on the subject. Petticoats were everywhere at the convention….thousands of them."

(Tessy:  ...and they said that full petticoats were a dying breed in the square dance world! And that the younger generation
of square dancers was going for <akwgh!> prairie skirts! Thank The Lord!)




"Here are links (sample enlargeable freeze frame at right) to that great square & round dance video maker on YouTube with a beautifully full petticoat at 35sec. and on the way back around at about 2:25. They sure keep the fashion traditions alive over there, and many, many others by them are great looks at square dance fashion."

#1    #2






1978 Florida Crystal River Old Fashioned Day

From Ken R.
















Karl K. sends these pictures from the
2011 Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival
"I think that the outfit is very sexy for a teen square dance festival. There are
hundreds of pictures and videos on the web; here is the link to
this video."


Moscow square dancers

From Nancy N.








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