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Observed in a local
square dance shop


A square dance is a place at which it is
important where you choose to sit!

From Abby Rhodes
Optimized by Sylvia Marie




Era teen square dancing at school
(or perhaps a school SD club?)

From Jean L. 




Squaredancing in Germany...

Sent by Jean L.




Jean L. has sent us this snapshot of square dancing
history.  The filename is "Crawford Square Dancing."



John N.

"Here is a group of square dancers from China or Japan...Interesting
to note, there are NO male dancers; half of the ladies are dressed in jeans. I assume they don't have too many males who wish to participate?"


SQUARE DANCE! Captain Stubby & the Buccaneers.
Calls & Dance-Along instructions by Bill Shymkus.

(and from the back side) Columbia CL 1621
Photos - Henry Parker (probably the instructional photos--it says nothing anywhere about the cover photo.)     c1964   



 A great one from Ken R.:

"Just lovely from 1962, it’s pettis and pantaloons galore as members of the Square Dancers Cooperative Association step lively at The Sheraton-Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.

 "As the caption writer (a secret Pond enthusiast?) comments:  With the flare of skirts, a show of dainty pantaloons reveals that some of the women go back to the 'Good Old Days' in their attire."



(below) Hannes provides us with these striking photos of a square dance convention in Írebro, Sweden:


The Prescott 4H square dance group.   YouTube videos:  #1   #2      



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