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Prairie Grove Squaredancers


From Nancy N.


Malcolm in the UK has provided this pleasant flourish.

Petticoats are SO enhanced by a small waist.


square dancing

From John N.



DeKalb Square Dance Convention
Nancy N.        Source


Wisconsin Square  and
Round Dance

Nancy N.    Source


John N sends these youth square dance pictures. 
We find them interesting - the costumes are
; average can be so boring.



Translucent skirts are
rarely seen at square dances

From 'Captain Marno'



Square dance number


From Nancy N.



Squaredancing back in the day


From Nancy N.



Legacy Texan square dance

From Abby Rhodes 


On legacy square dancing from Crinolyn:

"Back then the 'Square Dance' was a cross between Clogging and Square Dancing.  'Modern Square Dancing' sort of evolved
from there, as a lot could not keep up with the rapid pace and clogging seemed to evolve with 'taps' on shoes, maybe derived
from tap dancing. Today's modern square dance is more like a brisk walk.

"There is also 'Round Dancing', which seemed to evolve from or to imitate ballroom dancing, but is performed in a ring with all
participants cued to steps they would perform.

"Of course, there are demonstration dances, mostly performed by teens, examples:" 
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