Petti Pictures


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Here is another site worth looking into

"Erotic Impressions of Vintage Lingerie"


A rather sensual, romantic treatment




(below three) ...used with permission of respective sites

Perhaps the below site is worth a visit...


A little something from

Give them a click!


  Came across this interesting frock here, at a reasonable price and in larger sizes.
Love the optical illusion ('mirage') of a slit with petti peeking.


Paige, from Slips and Curves

Used with permission


 This is Petra

Used with permission


Here are a couple of delicious pictures which have been in our stash for a while;
the gal's name is Joanne.
Apparently, the copyright is held by the owner of the following sites:, and
I am sure (s)he would appreciate a visit...


(below) Dirk, the webmaster of a the site,, has sent some petti material from within. Pay him a visit!


Paper nylon set




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