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Adult catalog pages

Sears 1961 -- contributed by Cissy Colorized version by Peter         |||||||||||||||///                                                     ////[posted 1/00]
Sears 1963 (color) -- contributed by Lisa, touched up by Angeladd||||||||||||||||///////                                                 /[posted 11/22/99]
Sears - Fall 1961 -- contributed by Cissydd|||                             |||||||||||||///////                                                         /[posted 6/1/00]
Sears - Fall 1961 -- contributed by Cissydd|||                             |||||||||||||///////                                                       /[posted 7/12/00]
Sears - Fall 1961 -- contributed by Cissydd|||                             |||||||||||||///////                                                         /[posted 1/8/03]
Eatons-Canada catalog (Fall-Winter 1960)... en Francais -- contributed by Barbd|||                       /[posted 2/5/03]

Above, from left to right:

1959 unidentified
1961 Sears
Fall/Winter 1962 Simpsons-Sears (French)
Spring/Summer 1963 Simpson-Sears
Spring/Summer 1959 Simpson-Sears

National Bellas Hess Catalog, 1956 (Youth)

From John N.

(above) John N. offers this Canadian Simpson-Sears 1958 Spring Summer
catalog image (click here for full text)

Page from a German
youth fashion catalog

Provided by from Crinolyn

This is a crop - click for full page



John N. sent these exceptional pages from
the Simpsons-Sears catalog, 1960 (fall-winter)



Christmas 1959

Sent by Matt L.


(above two)  Sears, Christmas 1958

Ken R.:

"AsThe Pond shows, some great petticoat images come from publications of The Era. Some people started a very ambitious project to collect the great department store catalogs and scan them. They started with the Christmas versions, hence the Wishbook name in the website (from the Sears Christmas Wishbooks). They haven't added anything to the site for a while for I think obvious reasons - the expense and the massiveness of the project. The site stays up though and Pond
 lovers should find it interesting to peruse the site. Here is a sample, from the 1955 Spiegel Christmas Catalog."

 See here and here


An intriguing Austrian company catalog cover

(Their site is uniquely designed, but nothing of
our special interest that we can see)

From David M.


 Era Sears youth catalog page


Catalog page from
Sears (date unknown)

Frolicking treatment


A nice Sears youth catalog page
Sylvia Marie


John N.:

Eatons fall/winter 1960-61 young teen section




Eaton's Misses catalog - spring, summer 1959

Click picture to see descriptions and incredible prices


(below) From unidentified catalogs


Youthful Beauty en Bouffant!

Sears & Roebuck for Easter 1962
out of a McCall's


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