The King and I

Stillclips from the movie, as well as items from later stage revivals

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Affiliated interest:

Video "Getting to Know You" - Marie Osmond

Of course, there are others on this page, including one in which the contributor does an excellent job dubbing Julie Andrews' voice onto Deborah Kerr.

Above four from the movie (immediate three above enlargeable)

Stream of above scene - Shall We Dance?

Possibly a promo from the film

More petticoated stillclips from our sister site

Donna Murphy from the most recent Broadway revival (compliments of Crinolyn)

Elaine Page from the last West End revival (compliments of John)

Hayley Mills from the national touring company


Ken R. points to a gown in the news, from
the soon-to-open Broadway (2015) revival of

The King and I

Full, readable article:  Left   Right
(NY Sunday News)




Erik sends this vidclip of an interesting  Danish version.

The clip seems to take a while to initiate,
and you might have to fool with the controls - patience...

Concurrently, BB Bloomer sent this digitally adjusted
image of Deborah Kerr from the 1956
film version






A video of Elaine Paige as Anna
(in the signature very huge crinoline gown).

This frame is representative 



Stephen K.:

Right: Kelli O'Hara:
An article about the grand "Shall We Dance?" crinoline ballgown from Broadway's The King and I (2014).

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