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This advertisement, from Modern Bride (winter, 1955), portrays a wedding gown  which
is highly emblematic of The Era, with its large bouffant tea-length skirt that hints at fabulous petticoats underneath!


Ken found this very special bridal gown in

Sunday Newsday of 18 Mar 07


Full sized


Dior, fall 2004

Sent by John N. 


This is a  special bride from Kristi:

"Seeing this beauty running in her gown - she obviously
knows it well enough to lift it and the crinolines and run -
NOT an easy feat for many gowns.  How many of us could do
 that...  er...  would love to try that? 
Another lost art perhaps.


From the 22 Mar 09
Bridal Planner in Newsday

Courtesy Ken R.

Photo by Ana P. Gutierrez



Attractive wedding gown by
Robe de Mariée Matrimonia

(above) ...from The Era

Misha has discovered a Parisian bridal gown site (Cymbeline) that offers some quite unique creations, as sampled here. 


Dovima: "You have to see the petticoats in this video."

Neil points out this wedding gown-wearing robot video!

From Wendy T., a nice video of ballet-inspired bridal fashion -  note especially at 1:08

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