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A bridal dress from Norman


Source, with more pictures of this


(Below) Crinolyn provides a few enlargeable images of a great bridal frock


Above NOT enlargeable



This picture is from
The World Bridal Gallery

From Sonia




From Bride Magazine, spring 1959

Sent by Sonia

Oh!  Those were the days...



"This picture is from a recent (2014 or 2015) issue of National Geographic in an article about Libya. Interesting that, for a Muslim country, the bride is wearing what amounts to quite a sexy wedding gown."


Crinolyn points out this page

Sample at right


Probably a wedding gown, designed by
Yumi Katsura

From Kristi 



"Transparent Bride"

by "FB101"

From David M.


See?  When tulle is is used imaginatively, it
doesn't always have to be boring or bland!

Peeks are certainly provocative

From Jennifer H.



Sonia has spent an exhaustive amount of time collecting, scanning and formatting her beautiful vintage wedding gowns magazine cover collection, placing it on a Flickr photostream

Check it out!     At left is a sample

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