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Gigi Hadid

Nina Hagan

Jane Hale

Lucy Hale

Claudia Hall

Geri Halliwell
(an original Spice Girl)

Harriet Hammond
Silent film actress

Carol Haney
Era actress

Daryl Hanna
1990 Oscars

Allyson Hannigan

 Marilyn Hanold

Sammi Hanratty

Juanita Hansen
(1917)  Silent film actress

Natasha Hardy
Classical / pop music artist

Araya A. Hargate

Jean Harlow

June Harlow

Dani Harmer
English television actress, presenter and singer

Angie Harmon
Wedding gown 2014

Crystal Harris
(2012) Hugh Hefner main squeeze

Emily Lou Harris

Melissa Joan Hart
...from her Nickelodeon series 'Clarissa Knows it All'

Anne Hathaway

June Haver

Dolores Hawkins
50s model

Nora Hayden

Salma Hayek

Allison Hayes

Margaret Hayes

Susan Hayward

Rita Hayworth

Amber Heard

Joey Heatherton

Tippi Hedron
...modeling, before she became an actress

Crystal Hefner (2015)
Model, singer, DJ, and television personality. She was the Playboy Playmate for December 2009, and is the third wife of Hugh Hefner.      More on this

Idora Hegel

Katherine Heigl

Marie Helene
Era notable (1957)

Sonja Henie

Jill Hennessey

Audrey Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn

Amie Hewitt

Model - Miss New Zealand 2001

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Anne Heywood
Era English actress

Teri Higgins
Classic pinup gal

Faith Hill

Paris Hilton

Cheryl Hines

Sherry Hoff
From 1950, pretty Sherry models a beautiful evening gown in a photo that is part of, we assume, a feature story highlighting women who have a second career in modeling
('Models Lead A Double Life')." 

Amanda Holden
"Britain's Got Talent" judge

Judy Holliday

Katie Holmes

Susan Holmes
Supermodel, TV personality and designer (1992)

Charlene Holt

Courtney Peldon Hope

Miriam Hopkins
From the stage play Jezebel in 1934

Lena Horne

Elsa Hosk
Swedish model at the screening of 'The Beguiled', a movie running in competition at the 70th Cannes Film Festival (2017)

Julianne Hough the  2013 Tony Awards

Bryce Dallas Howard


Vanessa Hudgens
2009 Oscars

Kate Hudson

Jennifer Hudson
Disney has made a collection of what they call "Dream Portraits", with celebrities playing the parts of fairy tale characters.
Here Ms. Hudson is the princess from 'The Princess and the Frog'.

Kathleen Hughes

Mary Beth Hughes
Era actress

Sierra Hull
Singer, songwriter and mandolin player, who fronts the band Sierra Hull & Highway 111

Miss International Hungary

Helen Hunt
People magazine (February, 2013)

Rachel Hunter
New Zealander model and actress

Rosie Huntington-Whitley
Model...from British Harpers Bazaar for September 2015.

Jill Huntley
Burlesque dancer

Elizabeth Hurley

Betty Hutton

Liela Hyams

Martha Hyer

Leila Hyers
From the Life Magazine article "Speaking of Pictures..." in the January 5, 1953 edition

Sarah Hyland




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